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2005 Advertising Annual
 :: Las Vegas "What happens here, stays here" TV commercials
Las Vegas "What happens here, stays here" TV commercials
Featured in:
2005 Advertising Annual
"Names" :30
(Open on a woman greeting a guy in a nightclub)
Woman: Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Cindy.
(Cut to the same woman greeting a different guy)
Woman: Hi, I'm Jan.
(We see cut after cut of her greeting guys around Vegas)
Woman: (yelling over loud music) I'm Marsha!
Woman: I'm Rachel.
Woman: Hi, I'm Monica.
Woman: I'm Phoebe.
Woman: I'm Carrie.
Woman: Charlotte.
Woman: Miranda.
Woman: (sexy voice) Samantha.
Woman: Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Xena.
Guy: Xena?
Woman: Yes, Xena.
Woman: I'm Lucy, this is my friend Ethel.
Woman: My name's Louise, call me Weezy.
Woman: Hi, I'm Ginger.
Guy: Ginger, I'm Cliff, this is my buddy Norm.
(The woman is stunned)
Title card: What Happens Here, Stays Here.
Logo: Only Vegas

"Punch Drunk" :30
(Open on a trainer pushing through a crowd of photographers and reporters to get to a locker room)
Trainer: I wanna see my fighter, come on!
(The trainer enters the locker room and confronts a badly beaten boxer. The boxer's bodyguards, crew and posse are standing around in stunned silence)
Trainer: (holding up two fingers) Kid, how many fingers I got up?
Boxer: Four.
(The trainer can see that his boxer is messed up)
Trainer: What city are we in?
Boxer: I don't know.
(The trainer leans in closely)
Trainer: (Quietly) Do you remember what you did last night?
Boxer: No.
(The trainer leans in even closer)
Trainer: (Very quietly) Do you remember what I did last night?
Boxer: No.
(The trainer smiles and announces to the entourage)
Trainer: He's fine! It's all good, let 'em in!
(The crowd of reporters and photographers pours into the locker room)
Title card: What Happens Here, Stays Here.
Title Card: Only Vegas

"Parents" :30
(Open on a teenage boy frantically cleaning up the aftermath of a house party. His parents are arriving home. They pull their luggage out of a cab and enter the house. The boy runs to the front door to greet them)
Mom and Dad: (Happy) Hey honey!
Son: (Nervous) Hey.
Dad: So, what've you been up to?
Son: Nothing. What have you guys been up to?
Dad: (Awkward pause) Nothing.
(Mom and Dad sneak off up the stairs)
Title card: What Happens Here, Stays Here.
Title card: Only Vegas

Rick Bryant/Alex Manosalvas, art directors
Adam Cook/Mark D. Taylor, writers
Arnie DiGeorge, creative director
Randy Snow, executive creative director
Emmanuel Lubezki, director of photography
Kevin Anderson
/Tiffany Burchard, editors
Pete Mayor
, Vendetta Post, online editor
Mitch Dorf, POP Sound, sound engineer
Jim Jenkins, director
Don Turley, agency producer
Steve Orent, executive producer
Ken Licata, production company producer
Hungry Man, production company
R&R Partners (Las Vegas, NV), ad agency
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, client

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