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2005 Advertising Annual
 :: Nextel "Dance Party" TV commercial
Nextel "Dance Party" TV commercial
Featured in:
2005 Advertising Annual

"Dance Party" :30
(Open on three guys in a small office. One guy is sitting and holding a boom box, the other two are dancing. They are not particularly good dancers)
Music: "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa.
(A fourth office worker walks in. He looks nervous)
Man 4: What's going on? We don't know how many converters we have in stock…We don't know where our trucks are…And no one knows where Mackler is.
(Man 3 shuts off the boom box. Man 1 and Man 2 stop dancing for a moment. Man 1 quickly swings into action. He presses a button on his Nextel phone)
Man 1: 6000 converters.
(Man 2 clicks on his computer screen, which is open to a Nextel page).
Man 2: Trucks are are on I-4, exit 9.
(Man 1 uses the press-to-talk feature on his phone)
Man 1: (Into walkie talkie) Mackler, where are you?
Mackler: (Through speaker)) In the airport.
(Man 3 turns the CD player back on and Man 1 and Man 2 resume dancing)
Music: "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa.
Title card: Inventory management. GPS services. Coast-to-coast walkie-talkie.
Title card: Nextel. Done.
Scott Vitrone, art director
Ian Reichenthal, writer
Ian Reichenthal/Scott Vitrone, group creative directors
Gerry Graf, executive creative director
Dave Koza, Mackenzie Cutler, editor
, music
Jim Jenkins, Hungry Man, director
Nathy Aviram, agency producer
Ralph Laucella, Hungry Man/Steve Orent, Hungry Man, production company producers
Hungry Man, production company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
, client

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