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2005 Advertising Annual
 :: American Legacy Foundation "Fair Enough" TV commercial
American Legacy Foundation "Fair Enough" TV commercial
Featured in:
2005 Advertising Annual
"Gumballs" :60
(Open on a sitcom-style title sequence)
Theme Music: If you don't like it–tough! It's Fair Enough.
Super: Fair Enough
Super: Written By: Big Tobacco
Anncr. (VO): This episode is based on a 1979 Big Tobacco brainstorm session.
(Cut to several businessmen sitting at a table)
CEO: So, any new product ideas for our younger tobacco chewers?
Man #1: We've discussed producing a fruit flavored tobacco.
SFX: Laugh track.
CEO: Perhaps we can compare data with Life Savers candies.
SFX: Laugh track.
Man #2: Would it be possible to include bubble gum in the package?
SFX: Laugh track
Man #3: We could surround the tobacco itself with a sugar coating ... sugar coating - like a ...
Man #4: ... like a tobacco gumball!
SFX: Laugh track/applause.
Super: It might funnier if it wasn't true.
Super: See more about Big Tobacco's marketing ideas for their deadly addictive cigarettes at
Anncr. (VO): Fair Enough is truth production
Logo: A truth® production

Jason Ambrose/Chris Bakay/Rob Kottkamp, art directors
Dustin Ballard/Will Chambliss, writers
Tom Adams/John Kearse, creative directors
Alex Bogusky/Pete Favat, executive creative directors
Ron Lawner, chief creative officer
Jun Diaz, editor
Martin Granger, director
Corey Bartha/David Rolfe/Rupert Samuel, producers
Tony Cantale, production company producer
Moxie Pictures, production company
Arnold Worldwide/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agencies
American Legacy Foundation, client

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