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2009 Photography Annual
 :: Path, Alleyway, Park and Garage
Path, Alleyway, Park and Garage
Featured in:
2009 Photography Annual
Posters for a self-defense class. Headlines: Path: You're on the pathway. A stalker's waiting in the bushes. One of you is going to be very unpleasantly surprised; Alleyway: There's rarely a cop around when you need one. But there's always a good solid elbow strike; Park: Someone is going to get mugged tonight. If you've prepared right, it'll be the mugger; Garage: Up here nobody can hear you call for help. On the other hand, nobody will hear your poor, unfortunate attacker call for help either.
Shawn Michienzi, photographer
Rich Wallace, art director
Richard Ryan
, writer
Brad Palm, digital imaging
Ogilvy & Mather New York, ad agency
Wilkes Martial Arts Academy
, client

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