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2009 Design Annual
Packaging: Chocolate Research Facility
Packaging: Tub Gin
Packaging: Card Sharks
Packaging: Apple Accessories
Packaging: Delissential
Packaging: Apothia Hand & Body Wash
Packaging: Dried Fruits
Packaging: Linkwood 26-year old
Packaging: Koala Ranch
Packaging: Number 4 High Performance Hair Care
Packaging: Double Cross Vodka
Packaging: Bob Hund - Turntable as record cover
Packaging: A&P Via Roma
Packaging: (ri)1
Packaging: Rellana Hair "Woolly Heads"
Packaging: 1300 on Fillmore
Packaging: North Peak Beer
Packaging: Perricone MD
Packaging: Blues Met Rock CD
Packaging: Big Boss Brewing Co. "Bad Penny"
Packaging: Pizza Boxes
Packaging: Hallertau Extra Strength Heroic Beer Range
Packaging: Clean Lines Soap
Packaging: Ivi Classic
Packaging: TinPo
Packaging: Cherry Chomper
Packaging: Choxie Signature
Packaging: Fanta Packaging
Packaging: High Vale Core Cider
Packaging: Packaging for Jaqk Cellars
Packaging: Pombo
Packaging: Molton Brown Christmas Gift Boxes
Packaging: Chipotle In-Store Packaging
Packaging: Farmer's Leap
Packaging: Grizzly Peak Beer
Packaging: Nike Dunk CD
Packaging: Coca-Cola Summer Cans
Packaging: Silver Hills Bakery
Packaging: Civilized Packaging
Packaging: Truvia
Packaging: C.O. Bigelow Barber Elixir Blue Cologne
Packaging: Jane Jenni Cabin Fever Lunch Bag
Packaging: Newfoundlander's Rum
Packaging: Brown
Annual Reports: CSPD annual report
Annual Reports: Chicago Volunteer Legal Services annual report
Annual Reports: Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Report of Affordable Housing
Annual Reports: Greater Toronto Airports Authority annual report
Annual Reports: Boralex annual report
Annual Reports: Hold Fast annual report
Annual Reports: Anderson Energy annual report
Annual Reports: Otetiana Council of the Boy Scouts of America annual report
Annual Reports: Neenah Paper annual report
Annual Reports: Cascades annual report
Annual Reports: Covanta Energy Corporation annual report
Annual Reports: High 5 annual report
Identity Program: Seeds of the Cities
Trademarks: Overboard Cocktail Sauce
Trademarks: The Cooper Union
Trademarks: mebo
Trademarks: Ursuline Academy
Trademarks: Tauntr
Trademarks: bee things
Trademarks: Trellis Healthcare
Trademarks: Wire To Ear Records Logo
Trademarks: Hyphen
Trademarks: Cherple
Trademarks: Counting Crows/Maroon5
Trademarks: Hey, Hot Shot!
Trademarks: St. Mary's Church Restoration
Trademarks: Union J
Trademarks: Infinite Water
Trademarks: Cherie Sinnen
Trademarks: CO2 Footprint
Trademarks: Z Factory
Product/Service Brochures: Orla Kiely for Target Editorial Look Book
Product/Service Brochures: Infinite Possibilities
Product/Service Brochures: Scharffen Berger
Product/Service Brochures: Camps Airy & Louise Brochure
Product/Service Brochures: Børn
Product/Service Brochures: Lida Baday
Product/Service Brochures: Concerto Sales Brochure
Integrated Branding Program: 360 Identity
Integrated Branding Program: Brew Nerds Brand
Integrated Branding Program: Branding Maison Théâtre
Integrated Branding Program: Evolutiva
Integrated Branding Program: Hervé (contemporary bistró)
Integrated Branding Program: Xococava ID Program
Integrated Branding Program: The Oak Room
Integrated Branding Program: Urban Tree Salvage
Integrated Branding Program: Chef Burger Identity
Integrated Branding Program: Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)
Integrated Branding Program: People From Cossette
Catalogs: The LAB 40 Exhibitions
Catalogs: Catlin Gabel School
Catalogs: American Railroad China: Image and Experience
Catalogs: Unwrapped: Not Usual Gift ideas
Catalogs: Design Within Reach
Catalogs: Petunia Pickle Bottom
Catalogs: Design Within Reach Tabloid
Catalogs: GRAVIS SK8
Letterheads: Alchemy stationery
Letterheads: Scribbler Identity Suite
Letterheads: Arrowood Inc. Stationery
Letterheads: Papeleria Virginia Hernandez
Letterheads: Rare Form Stationery
Letterheads: Chandos Interiors Identity Suite
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Leifsdottir Press Preview Invitation: Feather
Miscellaneous Company Literature: SALT Optics
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Nike Sportswear
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Dunk Recap
Posters: IBM Smarter Planet Campaign
Posters: Secret Sherry Society "Cream"
Posters: Death Cab for Cutie
Posters: 826 Valencia
Posters: Goodwill Halloween
Posters: Westcott's Neighborhood
Posters: Big Omaha
Posters: Andrew Bird
Posters: Darwin 200
Posters: Fairies / Astronaut / Chef
Posters: Kinokuniya "Wisdom", "Enlightment", "Knowledge"
Posters: Don't Vote
Posters: Theatre Project
Posters: Singapore Architects Directory
Posters: Valley of the Vapors
Posters: Zoo Ball
Posters: Féria du Vélo
Posters: Leaf Man
Public Service: "Interactive" Get Out the Vote
Public Service: F.A.R.M Tabloid
Public Service: What goes around comes around
Public Service: Reverse
Public Service: Anti-Smoking
Public Service: AIGA Get Out the Vote
Public Service: Slow Food Nation
Books: BUR Ragazzi
Books: McSweeney's
Books: The Sex Instruction Manual
Books: The Hospital for Bad Poets
Books: Equus
Books: Columbine
Books: Columbia Abstract
Books: The Bride's Instruction Manual
Books: Alinea
Books: Things Fall Apart
Books: The Art of Living
Books: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home
Books: Nerve: The First Ten Years
Books: Cool Readings
Books: Swede
Books: Spring Awakening: In The Flesh
Editorial: The Last Record Store
Editorial: Biology 101
Editorial: College Football's Fans Guide to the Galaxy
Editorial: A Nice Quiet Chat with Christian Bale
Editorial: Lily Allen
Editorial: Dream Team
Editorial: Proximity
Editorial: Metropolis
Editorial: Larry King Lives!
Editorial: James Franco Sends His Regrets
Editorial: Guerilla Moviemaking
Editorial: Matériel Magazine
Editorial: Almost Famous, John Hodgman
Editorial: The Book of Me
Environmental Graphics: John Lennon: The New York City Years
Environmental Graphics: Milk. So much to love. Mobile Store
Environmental Graphics: Harley-Davidson Museum
Environmental Graphics: DWR: Tools for Living Store
Environmental Graphics: Brno Echo: Ornament and Crime from Adolf Loos to Now
Environmental Graphics: Off-Site Records Management Shred Truck
Environmental Graphics: Lapointe
Environmental Graphics: Nike Lebron Six Experience
Environmental Graphics: Gensler Chicago
Environmental Graphics: AIGA 365
Environmental Graphics: Harley-Davidson Museum
Environmental Graphics: Chocolate Research Facility
Environmental Graphics: Long May She Wave
Motion Graphics: Microsoft: Method, Nestlé', L'Occitane
Motion Graphics: Thom Yorke Story
Motion Graphics: Stevie Wonder Story
Motion Graphics: Microsoft: Rosetta Stone, West Jet
Motion Graphics: Microsoft: Quiksilver, BT, Coke
Motion Graphics: Seattle International Film Festival FIND
Motion Graphics: Microsoft 2019 : Future Vision
Motion Graphics: Alchemy
Miscellaneous: Earth Hour Stamps
Miscellaneous: Edible Visiting
Miscellaneous: Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Work Better
Self-Promotion: SVA Undergraduate Catalog
Self-Promotion: The End
Self-Promotion: Show Off or Die Trying
Self-Promotion: Physical vCard by Push
Self-Promotion: Montréal Open House
Self-Promotion: Otis College of Art and Design
Self-Promotion: 8 new Seoul typefaces
Self-Promotion: Philadelphia Design Awards Catalog
Self-Promotion: Graphex Annual
Self-Promotion: 2008 AIGA Design Legends Gala Program
Self-Promotion: Exposed 2008 School of Visual Arts Senior Library
Self-Promotion: R3
Self-Promotion: Campfire on Your Desktop
Self-Promotion: A Number of Numbers Holiday Card
Self-Promotion: Strathmore Ream Wrap
Self-Promotion: Iconoclasts, Ghosts & Dynamite
Self-Promotion: ThINK on paper, French Paper
Self-Promotion: design mind