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2010 Design Annual
Packaging: Duane Reade- Skyline Private Label
Packaging: Echo Bottle
Packaging: Fossil City Tins
Packaging: Five Vodka Bottle
Packaging: SCORE! 20 Years of Merge Records
Packaging: Yazi Vodka Bottle
Packaging: Fruity Monkey Poop Bag
Packaging: Back Label Wine Bottle
Packaging: The Kraken Rum Bottle
Packaging: Bellwether Cheese Wheels
Packaging: Love2Bake Bags
Packaging: Delphic CD & Singles Packaging
Packaging: Bare Skin Care Jars
Packaging: Taste of Origin Tea Gift Sets
Packaging: Orangearth CD
Packaging: Omo – The White Album CD
Packaging: Bleasdale Double Take Wine Bottle
Packaging: Shot in the Dark Wine Bottle
Packaging: Henry's Drive Morse Code Wine Bottle
Packaging: Anthropolgie Gift Card Pouches
Packaging: Oaksongs CD
Packaging: Jawbone Earcandy Boxes
Packaging: Ex Nihilo Wine Label
Packaging: Botanical Bakery Packaging Bags
Packaging: Double Dagger CD and Record Album
Packaging: Concave Scream "Soundtrack For a Book" CD
Packaging: Smith Tea Boxes and Bags
Packaging: Estate Range Wine Bottles
Packaging: A Rather Novel Collection Perfume Bottles
Packaging: Red Brick Beer Bottles
Packaging: Olie Shaving Gel Bottle
Packaging: Backyard Wine Bottles
Packaging: Coca-Cola Transparent Cup
Packaging: Splitting Adam CD
Annual Reports: Immigrant Services Calgary 2008/2009 Annual Report
Annual Reports: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Rights In Action
Annual Reports: Enabilis
Annual Reports: University of Virginia Library
Annual Reports: Children's Medical Research Institute
Annual Reports: Neenah Paper
Annual Reports: California Water Service Group
Annual Reports: Adris Group
Institutional Brochures: 2011 Fort Worth Opera Season Brochure
Institutional Brochures: Norton from Symantec This Book is A Weapon
Institutional Brochures: Carnegie Mellon University Little Brag Book
Institutional Brochures: Lincoln Airport Journey Through The First Fifty Years
Institutional Brochures: HH Development is Creation
Product/Service Brochures: Rodrigo Amper y Cia Architects
Product/Service Brochures: Chocolate Rain Jewelery & Designs
Product/Service Brochures: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Ballast Point Park
Product/Service Brochures: Tandus Flooring Powerbond Idea Book
Product/Service Brochures: SAP Timeless Software Notebook
Product/Service Brochures: Sutherland and Perennials Nocturne Brochure
Editorial: Go Del Toro
Editorial: Hemispheres Streetfighter
Editorial: GQ Zach Galafianakis
Editorial: GQ Rihanna
Editorial: GQ Birthers
Editorial: Lumpen Magazine
Editorial: Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art Border Rituals
Editorial: Hana Hou! Tree of Plenty
Editorial: GQ Conspiracy
Letterheads: Imperial Woodpecker Business Papers
Letterheads: Oveja Negra Lowe Business Papers
Letterheads: Raya Photography Stationery Suite
Letterheads: POLLOCK Stationery
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Svigals + Partners Architecture + Art
Miscellaneous Company Literature: St. Louis Public Library Foundation Holiday Card
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Loyola University Maryland Sophmore/Junior Search Piece
Miscellaneous Company Literature: Nike World Cup Press Kit
Catalogs: Anish Kapoor: Memory
Catalogs: The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Making of the Modern Museum
Catalogs: Eames Auction Catalog
Catalogs: Nordstrom Fall 09 Designer Catalog
Catalogs: Mah Jongg: Crak, Bam, Dot!
Catalogs: Loyola University Maryland School of Education Viewbook
Catalogs: Santa Catalina School upper school viewbook
Posters: Theatre des Fonds de Tiroirs Inespérée inattendu
Posters: ArtCrank Cupid's Crossbow
Posters: f8 Conference
Posters: (Red) Nights Concert
Posters: Calgary Farmers' Market Open all winter
Posters: Nike Beat Gasoline
Posters: Andrew Bird
Posters: Lemonade Movie
Posters: Rolling Stone Initiative Money for Music
Posters: The Jesus Lizard
Posters: Help Haiti Heal
Posters: Kultur Ruhr Ruhrtriennale
Posters: Queen Bee Waxing Rooster
Posters: International Poster Biennial of Mexico Man and Nature
Posters: Sweet Hair poster show Birds of Sadness
Posters: Theatre du Nouveau Monde Cenakovski
Posters: Promowest Productions Tegan and Sara
Posters: Rose & Crown
Trademarks: Red Squirrel Art Gallery
Trademarks: Splash & Dash
Trademarks: RIOT Outfitters
Trademarks: National Bacon Coalition
Trademarks: Cognitive Coffee
Trademarks: ROSALYN Custom Totes
Trademarks: The Park
Trademarks: Two Skinny Homos Catering Company
Trademarks: TreeHouse
Trademarks: Story Story Night
Trademarks: Wine to Water
Trademarks: Abe's Market
Trademarks: GreenlitScripts
Trademarks: Cultures East
Trademarks: Geeknet
Trademarks: DIG
Integrated Branding Program: Julian Restaurant
Integrated Branding Program: Ghetto Film School
Integrated Branding Program: Level Ground Trading
Integrated Branding Program: Heartwood
Integrated Branding Program: IBM Smarter Planet Illustrations and Posters
Integrated Branding Program: Frank: Purveyors of Artisan Sausage
Integrated Branding Program: Hotel Alma
Books: "Nosso Filme" ("Our Movie")
Books: A Pressure Cooker Saved My Life
Books: The Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly
Books: I travelled to India...
Books: URBANbuild
Books: Trunk Volume One: Hair
Books: Bird
Books: An ABC of What Art Can Be
Books: An Object of Beauty cover
Books: You Better Not Cry cover
Books: OUBEY Mindkiss
Books: Late Edition cover
Books: Pride and Prejudice cover
Books: Rodney Smith's The End
Books: American Photography 25
Books: Short Girls cover
Miscellaneous: Companhia Athlectica 2010 Calendar
Miscellaneous: The Royal Society 350 Years, Stamp Presentation Pack
Miscellaneous: Cass Art Kids activity bag
Miscellaneous: Classic Album Covers Stamp Set
Miscellaneous: Measure Me Stick
Miscellaneous: Alphabeasties Products series
Miscellaneous: Self-Inking Stamps
Miscellaneous: Raak/Oelfke Wedding Invitation
Environmental Graphics: Grey Group Office
Environmental Graphics: Teknion IIDEX 2009 Tradeshow Booth
Environmental Graphics: Chocolate Research Facility (Wheelock Place)
Environmental Graphics: BBH (Shanghai) Office
Environmental Graphics: Social Energy Exhibit
Environmental Graphics: Aires Libres Great time to hang out
Environmental Graphics: GAP Sprize
Environmental Graphics: Andy Warhol: love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death Exhibit
Environmental Graphics: Achievement First Endeavor Middle School graphics
Environmental Graphics: Amsterdam/New Amsterdam: The Worlds of Henry Hudson Exhibit
Environmental Graphics: The Cooper Union
Motion Graphics: Target Art Unfolds Video
Motion Graphics: SOUR 'Hibi No Neiro' (Tone of everyday) Music Video
Motion Graphics: H1N1 Video
Motion Graphics: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7/Tennessee/Proud TV Commercials
Motion Graphics: Newport Beach Film Festival "10th of a Century" Opening
Motion Graphics: Tanqueray Gin Resist Simple TV Commercials
Motion Graphics: Nickelodeon Slow-Mo Slime on-air promotion
Motion Graphics: Nick Jr. IDs: Owls, Monkeys, Birds and Fruit
Motion Graphics: Syfy House of Imagination on-air promotion
Motion Graphics: International PEN, 26 and UNESCO 26 Exchanges video installation
Motion Graphics: Digitas "Life Without Cigarettes" :60
Public Service: The National Crittenton Foundation Rights & Responsibilities Booklet
Public Service: World Wildlife Federation Clock
Public Service: Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada Brochure
Public Service: Kitchen Dog Theater 2009-10 Season Collateral
Self-Promotion: Turner Duckworth Holiday Card 2009
Self-Promotion: DSVC Rough Magazine September/October 2009
Self-Promotion: Ben Weeks Has Many Loves Poster
Self-Promotion: The College of Visual Arts 2009 Viewbook
Self-Promotion: Filter "Unfiltered" Journal
Self-Promotion: AIGA St. Louis 15 Show Invitation
Self-Promotion: AIGA Design Legends Gala Program
Self-Promotion: Type Space Christmas Letter
Self-Promotion: Eberl Media Group "Cheese" Calendar
Self-Promotion: RISD Feed Forward Feedback
Self-Promotion: Paprika Wine bags
Self-Promotion: Snyder and the Swedes Mailer
Self-Promotion: Lab Rats ALPHA Rat Kit
Self-Promotion: SVA Undergraduate Catalog
Self-Promotion: SVA Loose-Leaf Bike-Rack
Self-Promotion: Poster Design Association Global Warming Poster