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2013 Typography Annual
Posters: Wilco
Posters: Spur Gallery
Posters: Wee Society
Posters: Nada Surf
Posters: The 70 Fruitful Years of Kan Tai-Keung Exhibition
Posters: Publicité Sauvage
Posters: Breaks & Bikes
Posters: California College of the Arts Pre-College Program
Posters: Art Crank Austin
Posters: Americans for Grammar
Posters: Samwon Paper Gallery
Posters: Jack Daniel's
Posters: NewPage Corporation Sterling Premium
Posters: AGDA Australian Poster Annual
Posters: Florence + the Machine
Posters: iTV Asia Congress
Posters: Baltimore Theatre Project
Posters: DDB Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship
Posters: Doug Fir Lounge
Posters: Show Boat
Posters: Tic Tac campaign
Posters: Kemistry Gallery
Posters: IDEO Cinco de Drinko
Posters: Forum Theatre
Posters: Day to End Impunity
Posters: Woodbury University School of Media, Culture and Design
Packaging: Imperial Barber Products USA packaging
Packaging: The Hex Dispensers, Parallel EP
Packaging: Cooper Spirits, Hochstadter's packaging
Packaging: Super Sonic Soul Pimps LP
Packaging: The Path LP
Packaging: March Pantry packaging
Packaging: Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale packaging
Packaging: Freddie Stevenson CD
Packaging: Fortis et Astutus tawny Port
Packaging: packaging
Packaging: Wirra Wirra Vineyards packaging
Advertising: Ram
Advertising: New York Lottery
Advertising: FEMA / Ad Council
Advertising: New York Lottery
Advertising: Nike
Advertising: FEMA / Ad Council
Advertising: Audi
Advertising: Symantec Norton
Brochures: International Finance Corporation annual report
Brochures: Leo Burnett Worldwide Heat book
Brochures: International Society of Typographic Designers journal
Brochures: Realm Charter School
Brochures: Open Doors Academy brand book
Brochures: NYU Cancer Institute annual report
Brochures: Volvo
Identity: The Port Hunter
Identity: Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority
Identity: Green Rabbits
Identity: Shanimal Creative
Identity: Barkley
Identity: Threedle
Identity: NEXED
Identity: Hope Baptist Church
Identity: Merkur Biva Nan∞
Identity: NY / ADC
Identity: Action on Hearing Loss
Identity: Bun Mee Restaurant
Identity: Mohawk
Identity: Society of Typographic Aficionados
Identity: Lewis Identity & Stationery Suite
Identity: Manfredi's Balla
Identity: Your Building Solution Inc.
Books: Crazy From the Heat cover
Books: Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising cover
Books: Twelve principles of creativity
Books: Tokyo Rules cover
Books: The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls cover
Books: Social Knowledge in the Making cover
Books: Sketchnotes 2011 illustration
Books: A Hologram for the King cover
Periodicals: 8 Faces
Periodicals: Real Simple
Periodicals: GQ
Periodicals: SF Weekly
Periodicals: More magazine
Periodicals: Boston Globe
Periodicals: Footwear Plus magazine
Periodicals: Institutional Investor magazine
Periodicals: Meridith Publishing
Periodicals: New York Times
Periodicals: BRAIN magazine
Periodicals: The New York Times
Periodicals: Harvard Business Review
Periodicals: Print magazine
Periodicals: Middlebury College
Periodicals: Seattle Met magazine
Periodicals: TIME magazine
Periodicals: GQ
Periodicals: University of Missouri
Digital Media: Science Friday website
Motion: Mirror Mirror titles
Motion: Images Festival trailer
Motion: Espace Georges-Émile-Lapalme animation
Motion: Synesthetic Calculator
Motion: Touch animation
Motion: Saturday Night Live opening sequence
Environmental: War Room conference room sign
Environmental: Myers School of Art design studio installation
Environmental: Uniqlo construction barricade
Environmental: Infopresse conference graphics
Environmental: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia entrance
Environmental: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia wayfinding
Environmental: Can Plant signage system
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Jonah birthcard
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Cayson Culinary Designs custom canvas bags
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Herb Kitchen logo
Typeface Design: Keepsake family
Typeface Design: Sutturah
Typeface Design: The Harriet Series
Typeface Design: Bucanera
Typeface Design: FF Ernestine family
Typeface Design: Terminus
Typeface Design: FF Tisa Sans family
Typeface Design: Hello Denver
Typeface Design: FF Scuba family
Typeface Design: Blanco
Typeface Design: Eskapade
Typeface Design: Spright
Typeface Design: Meret
Typeface Design: Hummingbird
Typeface Design: Gira Sans
Typeface Design: JAF Bernini Sans
Ephemera: Larocca postcards
Ephemera: Parasol New York holiday greeting card
Ephemera: William & Brittany Goncharow wedding invitation
Ephemera: TEDxYYC invitation
Ephemera: Tala & Thomas wedding invitation
Ephemera: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art announcement
Miscellaneous: Alphabetcha alphabet
Miscellaneous: Moonrise Kingdom typeface
Miscellaneous: Leo Burnett Star Reacher Awards
Miscellaneous: Society of Design invitation
Miscellaneous: NPR calendar
Miscellaneous: Bobinette typeface fabric
Miscellaneous: XYZ alphabetical charms
Unpublished: Monster Alphabet
Unpublished: Hinge typeface
Unpublished: Shakespeare Summer Festival collateral
Unpublished: They live in a mirror letterforms
Unpublished: Matteo Bologna sketchnotes
Unpublished: Unfolding the Future number series
Unpublished: Relax
Unpublished: English/Korean lettering kit
Unpublished: Palindromes 2012 – "Saippuakivikauppias"
Unpublished: Type Sketchbook pages
Unpublished: Golden Dreams alphabet
Unpublished: 2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest sketchnotes