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2014 Typography Annual
Posters: Forum Theatre
Posters: Near Future Fiction Fan Fare Club
Posters: Old Dominion University
Posters: AIGA New York
Posters: I am moving to New Amsterdam
Posters: Baltimore Theatre Project
Posters: Neenah Paper
Posters: Sea Wolf
Posters: UCLA Extension
Posters: Friends of Night People
Posters: Slow Food International
Posters: Harvard Business School
Posters: Evernote
Posters: Pink
Posters: Penfield Children’s Center
Posters: Zoofest
Posters: California College of the Arts
Posters: Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express
Posters: Tribeca Film Festival
Posters: Yeager Design + Fabrication
Posters: Mahindra Scholarships
Posters: Jack Daniel’s
Posters: Kigo Kitchen
Posters: Calvary Church
Posters: Fiat
Posters: Gruppo Cordenons
Posters: p.s.type
Posters: Central Market
Posters: The Dallas Society of Visual Communications
Packaging: Chocolats Favoris cups and cones
Packaging: Sea to Sky Seasonings boxes
Packaging: Wallace Church CHILL vodka bottle
Packaging: Mahonia Wines label
Packaging: WilloDelights chocolate bars
Packaging: Caribou Coffee cups and bags
Packaging: Williams-Sonoma Olive jar
Packaging: Sunshine Beverages can
Packaging: Fullsteam Brewery can
Packaging: R&B Brewing Co. bottles and boxes
Packaging: Smokey Denmark labels
Packaging: Revertis bottles and boxes
Advertising: JetBlue
Advertising: Cocoa Metro
Advertising: CBS
Advertising: Jack Daniel’s
Brochures: Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities annual report
Brochures: Flash Reproductions
Identity: Coffee Cultures
Identity: Sisters
Identity: Burnaby Velodrome Club
Identity: Indianapolis International Film Festival
Identity: American Giant
Identity: Woody Guthrie Center
Identity: Prodigy
Identity: Andrew Murray Roofing
Identity: Wink
Identity: Weingarten Art Group
Identity: Type Directors Club Taiwan exhibition
Identity: Museum of Modern Art EXPO 1
Identity: Charlie’s Roast Beef
Identity: Johanne Demers
Identity: Michael Barley Photography
Identity: Téléfilm Canada
Identity: Law Office of Matthew Messina
Books: Islanded: Britain, Sri Lanka & the Bounds of an Indian Ocean Colony
Books: Realizing Empathy: An Inquiry Into the Meaning of Making
Books: Song Reader
Books: A Long Way Away
Books: Shadow Type
Books: Penguin Drop Caps
Books: Jurek Wajdowicz: Liminal Spaces
Books: Welcome to Robot Town
Digital Media: TypeTime
Digital Media: Peanut Gallery
Periodicals: GQ
Periodicals: Openlands
Periodicals: Esquire
Periodicals: GQ
Periodicals: Maxim
Motion: “Join the Revolution” 1:25
Motion: “Daydream” :45
Motion: “Anthem” 1:30
Motion: “Blip” 2:55
Motion: “Replay” :30
Environmental: 826 Valencia and 826 Boston exhibition
Environmental: Baltimore Museum of Art exhibition
Environmental: Creative Confidence poster and signage
Environmental: Chicago Design Museum exhibition
Environmental: Eight 826LA entrance signage
Environmental: RISD Museum exhibition
Environmental: Falls City Lofts mural
Environmental: SND CYN Studios mural
Environmental: Groupe Dayan signage
Environmental: Honey & Mackie’s store signage
Ephemera: Evan Sharp and Christina McBride wedding invitation
Ephemera: A3 Design holiday greeting card
Ephemera: One Million Degrees invitation
Ephemera: Jess and Russ wedding commemorative takeaway
Ephemera: Gentleman’s Brawl invitation
Ephemera: Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci program cover
Ephemera: Baddeley/Cole wedding invitation suite
Ephemera: Bonnie and Brock wedding invitation
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: AIGA Houston poster
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Reader’s Digest Word Power quiz
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: First Great Western guidebook
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Ontario Science Centre ad campaign
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Daily Dishonesty blog
Calligraphy/Hand Lettering: Shakespeare’s Sonnet broadside
Typeface Design: Bangshu Xing
Typeface Design: Erotica
Typeface Design: Minot
Typeface Design: Amplify family
Typeface Design: Birds Posture
Typeface Design: Mislab family
Typeface Design: Calavera family
Typeface Design: Bellissima
Typeface Design: Rolling Pen
Typeface Design: FF Dora family
Typeface Design: Dark Angel
Miscellaneous: Dinnick & Howells 3-D printed typographic toys
Miscellaneous: Nike Ekin Summit launch kit
Miscellaneous: Red Bull flugtag helmet
Miscellaneous: Plant letters
Miscellaneous: @ side table
Miscellaneous: Kyoorius typographic planner
Miscellaneous: RIA Novosti Group calendar
Miscellaneous: Parsnip party papers
Miscellaneous: Emancipation Proclamation commemorative stamp
Miscellaneous: Grow or Die
Miscellaneous: Ciao! iPhone case
Miscellaneous: This is New York mailer
Miscellaneous: The Gershwins and Me box set
Miscellaneous: Honk! T-shirt graphic
Miscellaneous: USA T-shirt
Miscellaneous: Cenveo Graphic Arts Center gift wrap
Miscellaneous: Jackson Spalding internal company logo
Miscellaneous: Threehaus/Tembo business card.
Miscellaneous: Glyphwerk
Miscellaneous: Love & Hate iPhone wallpapers
Miscellaneous: Easy As Pie promotional image
Unpublished: Moon Phases calendar
Unpublished: Girly Man wine bottle
Unpublished: Popup type posters
Unpublished: Planter typeface
Unpublished: Shoes over Bills illustrations
Unpublished: Hindered Thoughts posters
Unpublished: South Rose typeface
Unpublished: I Am (*) and I Vote exhibition
Unpublished: Wilber typeface
Unpublished: Floral alphabet
Unpublished: Dutch Mafia font and icon set
Unpublished: Bubble wrap installation