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2007 Advertising Annual
Consumer Magazine Ads: Descente ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Horton Crossbows ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Tropicana ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Skittles ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Nextel Nascar ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Public Radio International ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Mul-T-Lock ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Oral-B Floss ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: GBC Shredders ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Harley-Davidson "Wind in your Hair" ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Asics ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: BF Goodrich Tires ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: El Segundo Police ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Buttero Boots ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Kleenex tissues ad insert
Consumer Magazine Ads: Harley-Davidson ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Clima bike lock ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Clima Co., Ltd./Clima High Quality two page spreads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Haggar pants ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Mini Oreo ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: California School of Flyfishing ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Pro Bull Riders World Finals ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Altoids gym class ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Kerrygold cheese ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Tide Coldwater ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Pedigree ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Liberty Mutual ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: Campbell's Soup ad Hand ads
Consumer Magazine Ads: FHM ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: Mount Sinai ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: California Coastal Cleanup Day ad
Consumer Magazine Ads: MTV ad
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Playland ad
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Penguin Books ads
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Mossy Oak brand camo ad
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Monopoly car ad
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Neorlac Quick Dry Paint ad
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Fun size Snickers ads
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Tide 2X Ultra ads
Consumer Newspaper Ads: Bookears ad
Trade/Institutional Ads: Celebrity Cruises ads
Trade/Institutional Ads: The Economist ad
Trade/Institutional Ads: TurboChef oven ads
Posters: Orkin outdoor poster
Posters: Columbia Sportswear point-of-purchase poster
Posters: The International Surfing Museum point-of-purchase posters
Posters: Smart car outdoor poster
Posters: Brentwood Mailbox Center point-of-purchase posters
Posters: Seibukan karate poster
Posters: Schwan's outdoor poster
Posters: Perdue Smart Cuts Chicken Breast point-of-purchase posters
Posters: Humminbird Fishfinder point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Apple Beer point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Nerolac quick dry paint poster
Posters: Legal Sea Foods poster
Posters: McDonald's outdoor poster
Posters: Lego building poster
Posters: Coops Paints outdoor poster
Posters: Henk's European Deli posters
Posters: DHL poster
Posters: Kenmore point-of-purchase posters
Posters: Bigg's transit poster
Posters: Levi's poster
Posters: Nissan outdoor poster
Posters: Oreo poster
Posters: Allstate outdoor poster
Posters: Boneless Wings point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Lorgan's Furniture Store point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Rapala point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Gold's Gym outdoor poster
Posters: Mini outdoor poster
Posters: Memorin transit poster
Posters: Eno point-of-purchase poster
Posters: Altoids bedroom poster
Posters: MLB United Countries of Baseball poster
Posters: Toronto Humane Society posters
Posters: Tulipan outdoor poster
Posters: Snickers outdoor posters
Online Advertising: Smirnoff Raw Tea online ad
Online Advertising: iPod online ad
Online Advertising: South China Morning online ad
Online Advertising: Ray-Ban online ad
Online Advertising: Apple banner ad
Online Advertising: Dove viral video
Online Advertising: Air Force banner ad
Online Advertising: Volkswagen banner ad
Online Advertising: Apple "Mac vs PC" online ads
Non-Traditional Advertising: Bud Light "Swear Jar" viral video
Online Advertising: Apple banner ad
Online Advertising: Battle of the Gods web site
Online Advertising: JABZ Kickboxing banner ad
Online Advertising: Volkswagen widget
Online Advertising: HP Protect Tools banner ad
Sales Promotion: Henckel's Knife bookmark promotion
Sales Promotion: The Guide to Working Smarter brochure
Sales Promotion: Skittles brand book
Sales Promotion: Mini Adventure Field Kit
Self-Promotion: The Radiation Exhibit agency invitation
Self-Promotion: One Show China Workshop book
Self-Promotion: Radio Advertising Bureau self promotion
Self-Promotion: Fort Franklin glass
Non-Traditional Advertising: ESPN Monday Night Football pizza boxes
Non-Traditional Advertising: Department of Health cigarette truck
Non-Traditional Advertising: Wal-Mart fresh produce signage
Non-Traditional Advertising: Guinness beer packaging
Non-Traditional Advertising:
Non-Traditional Advertising: Reynolds Wrap environmental ad
Non-Traditional Advertising: Burger King video game ad
Non-Traditional Advertising: 566 Hair Shampoo out-of-home
Non-Traditional Advertising: Oral-B out-of-home ad
Non-Traditional Advertising: Orbit sidewalk drawing
Non-Traditional Advertising: World Wildlife Foundation out-of-home
Non-Traditional Advertising: Solo mobile interactive poster
Non-Traditional Advertising: Milky Way point-of-purchase ad
Integrated Campaigns: adidas All Blacks integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: Wrangler Unlimited "New Species" integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: AXE Lab integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: Brawny integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: GEICO Caveman integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: Mini Motorby Campaign integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: Adidas integrated campaign
Integrated Campaigns: The Burger King and Brooke Burke Romance integrated campaign
Public Service: poster
Public Service: International Action Network on Small Arms ad
Public Service: World Wildlife Fund ads
Public Service: The Getty Center outdoor poster
Public Service: In Touch Community Service fundraising brochure
Public Service: Delta Blues Museum posters
Public Service: New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition poster
Public Service: Women Against Violence ads
Public Service: Greenpeace ads
Public Service: World Wildlife Foundation ad insert
Public Service: Anti-Smoking "Walking Time Bomb" ad
Public Service: Imperial War Museum poster
Public Service: UNICEF piggy bank posters
Public Service: National Association For The Blind ad
Public Service: JFK Presidential Library and Musuem ad
Public Service: Clear Channel outdoor poster
Public Service TV: Equal Marriage TV commercial
Public Service TV: Malteser Ambulance Service TV commercial
Public Service TV: INPES / AIDS TV commercial
Public Service TV: MTV Safe Sex TV commercial
Television Commercials: Starburst TV commercial
Television Commercials: Jack in the Box TV commercial
Television Commercials: iPod "Clip" TV commercial
Television Commercials: Bud light "Rubber Floor" TV commercial
Television Commercials: Nike Sharapova TV commercial
Television Commercials: Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mints TV commercials
Television Commercials: Road Runner High Online TV commercial
Television Commercials: Holiday Inn TV commercial
Television Commercials: Fedex TV commercial
Television Commercials: XBOX 360 TV commercial
Television Commercials: Absolut TV commercial
Television Commercials: Apple Mac vs. PC TV commercials
Television Commercials: Canalt TV commercial
Television Commercials: Amp'd Mobile TV commercial
Television Commercials: TLC "Life Lessons" TV commercial
Television Commercials: Travelers Insurance TV commercial
Television Commercials: Ameriquest Mortgage TV commercial
Television Commercials: Cingular "Dropped Calls" TV commercials
Television Commercials: Starburst "Tashi" TV commercial
Television Commercials: Career Builder "Darts" TV commercial
Television Commercials: MTV TV commercial
Television Commercials: La Nacion TV commercial
Television Commercials: Burger King TV commercial
Television Commercials: Mac vs. PC TV commercials
Television Commercials: Fedex TV commercial
Television Commercials: Dove Self-Esteem TV commercial