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Founded in 2012, Russian-based self-publishing company Readymag began with a simple idea: self-publishers should have access to a quality service that provides elegant design and an easy-to-use interface. To inspire further learning on what ... more


Momotaro Chicago Chicago-based restaurant Momotaro blends traditional and modern cuisine. Design studio Grip crafted a site based on Japanese menus and vintage Tokyo street signs seen in the interior of Momotaro restaurants.


Minimums Minimums, by product design studio Need/Want, presents interviews with the world's most interesting creatives and entrepreneurs on the objects they keep, and suggests to visitors where they can buy similar items online.


GOLDA Israel-based brand Golda features ice cream by the Italian manufacturer Giuso. Design agency 507 Creative used a parallax HTML5 layout with vivid colors, motion and interactivity to envelop visitors in Golda’s fresh flavors.


Cienne NY New York–based brand Cienne offers modern fashion for women, using materials from artisans worldwide. Design studio Hugo & Marie and creative Lotta Nieminen developed a responsive website on a hybrid Shopify/Wordpress platform.


Workshop/APD New York–based design team Language Dept. redesigned architecture and interior design firm Workshop/APD's website to feature its portfolio. The responsive site takes visitors down a rabbit hole from one lush visual to the next.


Inspire Girls Academy Firebelly collaborated with Inspire Girls Academy, a school that equips young girls with leadership skills, to refine its brand The thoughtful interactive site features striking imagery and bold, inspiring messages.


Relax, we are the good guys European digital agency Relax, we are the good guys' new site features its portfolio and an animated background, reminiscent of astronomy and 3-D wireframe models. In-depth case studies are presented in a scrolling format.


Koodo Happy Hub Part of a brand campaign for mobile phone company Koodo, the website Happy Hub exists for one purpose only: to make people happy. Designed by studios Camp Jefferson and Ransom, Profit, the interactive site riffs on memes.

webpick of the week   08.14.15

History of Icons Digital agency MODULUS needed a way to introduce its new brand FUTURAMO to other digital agencies on the SaaS/Cloud market. To answer this problem, the ... Read Review


La Plus Grande Cave À Biere Du Monde For the E. Leclerc beer festival, Paris-based interactive design studio Merci Michel created an interactive web game inspired by Where’s Waldo? Users explore an animated brewery, learn about the brewing process and find five hidden menus.


We Are Royale Digital production studio We Are Royale updated its site to reveal its bold new trajectory. The concept-oriented studio created a manifesto film that demonstrates its creative process and sense of humor.


Priestley Production company Priestley creates cinematic work across all digital platforms. For its site, design firm Public Library emphasized the written word with white typography and black-and-white backgrounds that gracefully transition to color.


Goldsmith & Co. Goldsmith & Co., an executive search firm, prides itself on being meticulous and direct. Digital agency For Office Use Only designed the site to convey the firm’s straightforward approach as well as its wide range of capabilities and achievements.

webpick of the week   08.07.15

AMY AMY, a documentary recently released in theaters, chronicles the life of well-loved singer Amy Winehouse, who tragically passed away at the young age of 27. ... Read Review


Mackey Mitchell Architects Since 1968, Mackey Mitchell Architects has shaped spaces to inspire the people who walk within them. Almanac created a new website that focuses on this human element by using video backgrounds and images of spaces in use.