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webpick of the week   01.02.15

TrendViz It’s every social media manager’s dream: a control panel revealing the spectrum of online chatter about a company, from good to embarrassing. Such a tool would ... Read Review

webpick of the week   11.21.14

Qualcomm Fitting that a cellphone technology company should make its website mobile-first. Qualcomm dominates the market for chips in mobile phones, and more recently ... Read Review


Airborne Sensing This multilingual, responsive site for aerial photography company Airborne Sensing uses state-of-the-art technology to help tell its story, with special emphasis on Airborne’s spectacular images.


Dolby Dolby’s new, responsively designed website features a contemporary look and gives visitors an up-close look at how Dolby Laboratories makes audio, cinema and imaging experiences more powerful.


Adobe Muse This graphically bold Adobe Muse site, created using its namesake, shows the software's features, including a variety of scroll effects, full-screen imagery, slideshows, embedded-HTML animations, HiDPI-image support and more.


Sony: Be Moved The Be Moved site shows Sony’s combination of artistry and engineering by telling the stories of their signature products, showing what is behind the creation of underwater headphones, 4K TVs and award-winning digital cameras.


Scientific Reform Group Scientific Reform Group’s Alertness Detection Software, which senses early signs of drowsiness in drivers, could save millions of lives. This simple, sophisticated website by Phoenix Media explains the technology and its impact.


Wistia Wistia makes it easy for businesses to add video to their websites, and the medium is the message on this site, where interactive games, silly loops and creative examples show that using web videos is easy and fun.

webpick of the week   10.11.13

Wacom Creating a new site for Wacom, digital studio Fantasy Interactive looked beyond a simple redesign and set its sights on inventing an entirely new breed of product ... Read Review


Sony Full Frame Hello Design created an online home for Sony’s line of full frame cameras, using simple, engaging interactive elements to showcase features. Beautiful full-screen images inspire photographers to go out and shoot.


MailChimp's annual report This clever online annual report provides data through simple, colorful, scrolling infographics. The company was able to say thanks to everyone who helped them along the way, without boring them to tears.


Zensorium Tinké A device that’s changing the face of mobile fitness/wellness required a site that was equally clear, advanced and graceful. Through the use of a greenback tweening engine, the transitions and animations keep the device everpresent.


Acer: Powered By You Lightweight and responsive and highly interactive and engaging, mixed media is used throughout this site to combine visual storytelling with product awareness.

webpick of the week   10.12.12

SAP - Project Inspiration SAP is celebrating its fortieth anniversary with this live and online interactive exhibition that’s a journey through the enterprise software ... Read Review

webpick of the week   10.05.12

Web Lab This revolutionary five-experiment exhibition highlights the way technology allows people to connect and engage with each other in real-time. It’s the online ... Read Review