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Scottie & Russell Scottie & Russell is an online luxury boutique based in the United Kingdom’s Lake District. Its website was designed to reflect the quality and beauty of its hand-poured scented candles and BamBam designer baby products.


KFC KFC updates its brand with a site redesign, balancing retro aesthetics with a sleek, modern interface. The new site builds an adaptive, app-like experience for the user while remaining search engine friendly.


Weng Contemporary Weng Contemporary features original fine art prints by contemporary artists in an online gallery. The website features photography, a faceted search engine, and the ability to buy and sell artwork.

webpick of the week   07.03.15

Jacob's Pillow The Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive website features an extensive archive of more than 300 videos highlighting dance festival performances in the ... Read Review


Ping Zhu is the online illustration portfolio of Ping Zhu. Projects are captioned and displayed in step-by-step slideshows of Zhu’s process. Keeping clients anonymous allows visitors to imagine the images’ context.


Jean-Maxime Brais As a freelance art director with more than fifteen years experience in augmenting brands for his clients, Jean-Maxime Brais has developed a broad and responsive website portfolio, featuring “extreme minimalist design.”


Red Lion Red Lion’s website is analogous to urban exploration. It’s an online world made up of digital cities, each one representing a gateway into the agency’s various aspects: its beliefs, its work, its various disciplines and more.


VuHaus VuHaus is a music video service that introduces users to indie musicians. For the brand, Landscape designed custom typography and a responsive graphic user interface, inspired by DIY zines and lo-fi aesthetics.

webpick of the week   06.26.15

Grolsch 400 To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Dutch beer brand Grolsch, more than 300 artists expressed their personal vision in the shape of a Grolsch bottle, ... Read Review


Cienne NY New York-based fashion brand Cienne offers small-batch collections made from handwoven textiles from around the world. Comprised of multiple sections, the site creates a story-driven shopping experience.


Beoplay H6 Rapha Edition The Beoplay H6 Rapha Edition over-ear headphones were designed with British cycling brand Rapha. Its multimedia website scrolls through the phases of cycling—prepare, ride and recover—and connects sound with sport.


Anton & Irene The combination of playful imagery with clean typography and striking colors sets the stage for Brooklyn–based studio Anton & Irene. Its in-depth and individually designed case studies add a fine-tuned touch.


Philo Philo works with advertisers to create and distribute branded video content. Revealing the production company’s cutting-edge work, Bright Bright Great updated Philo’s brand with a sleek online presence.

webpick of the week   06.19.15

On the Grid See New York City through designers’ eyes. Curated by design firm Hyperakt, On the Grid reveals the best of Manhattan and Brooklyn in cheerful colors and a ... Read Review


GBR Design The online portfolio of GBR Design, based in Milan and Venice, shows off the digital agency’s full range of high-end services through video and an asymmetrical grid.