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ARTCRANK An international poster movement about bicycles, ARTCRANK launched its first e-commerce experience. Developed by creative agency Colle + McVoy, the site uses the posters’ exciting, colorful graphics to entice customers.


KIKK Festival Design agency Dogstudio developed a site for 2015‘s KIKK, a Belgian festival that celebrates digital creativity. Lush, interactive visuals highlight the festival’s amenities and special guests with links to in-depth pages.


Alice + Whittles Designer Matt Delbridge and developer Ryan Dunlap created a site for Alice + Whittles, a fashion company founded by two former U.N. aid workers. The site features bold animations and background images based on product patterns.


Dive for the Osprey Dive for the Osprey, created by ad agency Dunn&Co., features a noir-style mystery containing hidden clues for visitors to decipher, and a contest to win the Osprey by Hexa Watches as well as the diving adventure to get it.

webpick of the week   10.09.15

Precious Lives Project To raise awareness of Milwaukee gun crime, documentary company 371 Productions created Precious Lives, a radio series that gives a voice to ... Read Review


Tastemakr A new online marketplace for foodies, Tastemakr provides a promotional web presence for London’s best artisanal food and drink crafters. The site presents delicious photographs of every product and interviews with the creators.


Scarlet Macaw The developers behind Scarlet Macaw, a program enabling a live web design environment, created a promotional page using the tool. A single page featuring 3-D spatial animations beautifully showcases what Scarlet Macaw can do.


Anita Boutique gelato company Anita offers natural, handmade desserts. Design agency 507 Creative’s site enables fans to become brand ambassadors by elegantly presenting images from Instagram and Facebook accounts in a grid format.


Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising Commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising’s 71st anniversary, creative agency Bright Media designed a site featuring haunting illustrations and animated typography to inspire young Varsovians to carry on the values of the revolt.

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Clarks Unboxed Founded in the 1820s, British shoe manufacturer Clarks has often been in the vanguard of fashion and social reforms with its ideals, including creating ... Read Review


Calico Wallpaper Artisanal wallpaper company Calico’s e-commerce site highlights its portfolio and creative process. Creative firm For Office Use Only kept the layout minimal and used large images to show the product’s detailed designs.


I Am Kristina Interactive studio Perverte created an online presence for environmentalist Kristina Rodina. I Am Kristina showcases Rodina’s curriculum vitae with a clean and fluid layout, featuring photographs, videos and sound effects.


Commercial Type redesign Type foundry Commercial Type redesigned its e-commerce shop designed by creative studio Project Projects and developed by GrayBits. A function called “Typelist” enables users to curate and share collections on social media.


Irene Paris-based production company Irene debuted a portfolio site with clean, simple design. Developed by digital firm Ground Control, the site features an animated scrolling layout with project images that link to case studies.

webpick of the week   09.25.15

Illinois Humanities Providing grants and public events, Illinois Humanities inspires community-wide dialogues on social issues through focus areas such as journalism and ... Read Review