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Ash Huang Ash Huang is an independent creative who wanted to feature both design and writing samples on her site. The rainbow grid expresses the uniqueness of her clients, while unifying her portfolio as a holistic timeline.


FontShop The new FontShop offers a unique and interactive font-finding experience. Create font lists, add to galleries and even test out typefaces with the new “Try Out” feature.


Sylvia Spitzbart The animations and finely wrought details on Sylvia Spitzbart’s website portray a top-notch make-up artist. By using a clever grid system and navigation, the website manages to stand out and impress.

webpick of the week   01.16.15

#Deutschland25 Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the interactive storytelling map #Deutchland25 examines how young Germans’ lives have blossomed from ... Read Review


Live FAST The online magazine Live FAST—which stands for Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel—offers a vivid and engaging inspiration board featuring rich imagery and high-quality narrative prose with a dose of sassiness.


Anja Rubik With photography-laced letters and an asymmetrical grid, this stylish website showcases model Anja Rubik’s exclusive fashion collection for Polish clothing brand Mohito.


VendorDB Through evocative imagery, clear descriptions and responsive design, VendorDB offers an in-depth look at over 3,000 companies in creative services. Find agencies, app builders, design studios or even underwater photographers.


Chapoleone Chapoleone, a French hat brand, has a digital store that enables shoppers to customize hats in real time and design a unique piece before clicking “buy.” The site is also viewable on any device.

webpick of the week   01.09.15 New York State decided to cut the government jargon and make bureaucracy a breeze by building a website that speaks the same language as its constituents. Backed ... Read Review


Voomago Voomago offers a new take on a travel website, less about where you want to go and more about why you want to go. Clean, simple navigation and photography put a spotlight on experiential travel for inspiration and discovery.


Quincy Requin & Associates This sleek website is not what you might expect from an independent law firm. Based in Lyon and Paris, France, Quincy Requin & Associates specializes in trade, corporate and social rights law.


Monograph Monograph is a place for projects—where creatives, technologists, engineers and designers can share what they build and how they make it. Built in-house, the site’s grid display and icons clearly reveal Monograph’s premise.


Form Form, an independent furniture consultancy, has a new site that features an extensive product range with handy filtering features and a blog with the company’s latest updates.

webpick of the week   01.02.15

TrendViz It’s every social media manager’s dream: a control panel revealing the spectrum of online chatter about a company, from good to embarrassing. Such a tool would ... Read Review


AIGA’s Eye on Design AIGA’s Eye on Design blog publishes the best new work from emerging and established designers. Inspired by Paul Rand’s 1968 riff on the AIGA logo, the blinking eye in the website’s header is forward-focused, and a nod to its past.