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webpick of the week   08.09.13

Tyler School of Art Bluecadet Interactive spent a year creating this site for Tyler School of Art at Temple University. “We spent a lot of time making sure that the site ... Read Review


Wood Stock Creation French design studio Wanaka created this original HTML5 website to present a new and imaginative company that creates furniture and décor from recycled waste and salvaged materials.


Viva & Co. This design consultancy’s site allows users to filter portfolio projects by discipline, sector and audience, and features a short profile video to give potential clients an honest feel for the studio.


MailChimp MailChimp’s website was updated to complement a redesign of the company’s app. Pages that introduce key features mimic uncluttered real-world workspaces for an experience that is both appealing and intuitive.


Here is Today Here is Today is an interactive visualization of time, spanning from this moment back to the birth of the universe. The HTML5 site gives a real sense of the scale of time, humanity, life and all existence.

webpick of the week   08.02.13 Periscopic, a socially conscious data visualization firm, created this simple and powerful animated site for the ... Read Review


Heat San Francisco agency Heat’s new site is clean and trick-free. The experience makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for, yet it’s responsive enough to work seamlessly across all platforms and devices.


Me For You The University of California, San Francisco partnered with IDEO to create Me For You, a network that shows how sharing your health information has a direct impact on the well-being of others, especially those closest to you.


Epic Playdate Go on your own Epic Playdate with the Hyundai Santa Fe Experience site. Journey through lush handmade dioramas, hone your gaming skills, get some epic deals and download an exclusive track from alt-rockers The Flaming Lips.


Wildlife Wildlife is a Los Angeles-based digital agency specializing in interactive and motion. Their site, a digital take on the studio one-sheet, serves as an HTML5 exploration of their work, philosophy and the “Legend of Wildlife.”

webpick of the week   07.26.13

The Build The Build,” by Portland, Oregon-based Instrument, is an interactive film documentary about three local characters in ... Read Review


The Glossary Production company The Glossary has a one-of-a-kind web presence, designed and built by Ludlow Kingsley. This immersive site plays on a ’50s theme, scrolling and animating like sweet candy for the eyes.


Seattle International Film Festival SIFF hosts the largest film festival in the US. With its focus on functionality and content, this site helps audiences easily explore both the world of international cinema and the organization’s full scope and mission.


Frankowitsch Frankowitsch is an Austrian bar that serves fabulous delicacies. Traditional typography and classic elements visually integrate the bar’s long-standing tradition with the contemporary structure of its new digital presentation.


Art, Copy & Code Art, Copy & Code is a film that changes every time it’s viewed based on where and when the user is watching. It combines real-time content with a database of pre-rendered assets to demonstrate how storytelling is evolving.