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In the Loop Creative studio In the Loop plays with black clay and a gaming interface in their portfolio site. Through your visit, you unlock a funny bonus to interact with. A tribute to old flash websites." ...

webpick of the week   03.15.13

Edding's Wall of Fame To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Edding wanted to surprise illustrators and designers with a drawing experience that takes place where this ... Read Review


This is Personal Using a grid layout & highly visual content, this site—part of a campaign by the National Women’s Law Center—educates and activates supporters about threats to women’s reproductive health in the U.S.


Hiut Denim Co. Hiut Denim's motto of 'Do One Thing Well' shines through in this fashionable website, telling the true story of a small Welsh town made jeans for nearly 40 years, and then started again last year.


French Embassy Base rebrands French culture in America with this broadly accessible digital platform for cultural outlets from higher education to the arts. Derived from the palette of the French flag, the logo's graphic gesture depicts state icon La Marianne.


Stamen Maps Knight News Challenge helped fund this free graphical map styler which delivers three original styles (watercolor, toner and terrain) for any inputed location and a unique “map to image” feature to make prints.
www.knightfoundati ...

webpick of the week   03.08.13

Wynwood Miami Arts District Capturing the excitement and experiences in the arts district of Miami, this site by BNMR incorporates large-scale images that take over your ... Read Review


Generation Know Girls have the ability to get straight answers, dispel myths and learn about vaginal wellness through this online hub from U by Kotex, who believe that when girls have a shared voice, misinformation and embarrassment lose power.


Black Dog Films Black Dog, part of RSA Films, produces some the world's most iconic music videos. Funkhaus built them a new digital home that would showcase Black Dog's stunning portfolio of work and their recently redesigned brand identity.


United Pixel Workers United Pixelworkers is a fictitious union and online t-shirt storefront for all types of modern creative workers: designers, illustrators, developers, UXers, content strategists and more. fullstopinteractiv ...


Pike & Rose Designed to inspire the community on Rockville Pike in Montgomery Maryland, this site brings a new transit-oriented neighborhood to life. golddogcommunicati ...

webpick of the week   03.01.13

REI 1440 Project "REI has a passionate fan base that loves to share pictures and stories of outdoor adventures. The 1440 Project invites those outdoor enthusiasts to ... Read Review


Sagmeister & Walsh 's new website reflects the design firm's inventive nature. The navigation, built into a live-streaming overhead view, is now responsive. New work photographed by Lorenzo Fantonk, videos by Mario De Armas, and a real blog round out the new content.


One Dog's Dream Motivated by greed, puppy mills mass produce dogs in overcrowded, unsanitary, cruel and abusive conditions. One Dog's Dream is an interactive experience, a first-hand simulation of being in a puppy mill.
coffeeproductionsi ...


Welikesmall Coinciding with a move to a new space, and a rebrand, the site repositions Welikesmall as "a digital agency and maker of things." It supports retina assets, is fully responsive and exemplifies both storytelling and content creation.