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Zensorium Tinké A device that’s changing the face of mobile fitness/wellness required a site that was equally clear, advanced and graceful. Through the use of a greenback tweening engine, the transitions and animations keep the device everpresent.


World Cocoa Foundation The strongly-branded site combines an elegant design, a smart use of infographics and data visualization to provide a comprehensive look into the challenges and solutions for advancing global cocoa sustainability.


Rosas & Co Films Built with a responsive design, this showcase for one of the leading film production companies in Switzerland is used primarily for mobile client presentations.


Morgan Stanley What If? Built using HTML5 and WebKit masking this beautifully-crafted full-screen site blends images of portraiture and industry to create a scrollable narrative that extends the rebranding of Morgan Stanley.

webpick of the week   01.25.13

Energy Realities This site explores the past, present and future of energy usage, demand and dependency. It makes the complex story comprehensible through an intuitive ... Read Review


Sennep A showcase of projects designed and developed by Sennep since 2003. The minimal, clean and responsive site scales and reformats fluidly (depending on device resolution) and the palette of a tessellated logo changes to complement each project.


Martin Treu This new web home for urbanist, author, designer and architect Martin Treu is built on a WordPress foundation and outfitted with all the bells and whistles he needs to keep his audience up-to-date.


Rumble | Feed Your Hunger Relying on a single-page design and animated graphics to communicate the fun-filled brand, this custom WordPress site plays an important role in this product launch.


The Coveteur This beta version of a commerce platform incorporates looks inside the closets of fashion and pop culture icons, enabling users to find and buy a look in a single stop.

webpick of the week   01.18.13

Discover Los Angeles A definitive one-stop hub for Los Angeles visitors and locals, with comprehensive, current information about its culture, sports, attractions, ... Read Review


Hanok This educational site illustrates the history and cultural importance of Hanok, a traditional Korean house style. Developed in Flash ActionScript 3 it provides users with a 360-degree view.


FORM Group The personality and culture of this studio is captured in a cascading, perpetually scrolling body of work on the home page and a collection of weekly creative exercises, social and feeds, blog posts and quotes anchored to the bottom of the browser window.


The Big Burn This exploratory experience set in a seemingly harmless tanning salon reverts to sinister as truths about the risks of indoor tanning are revealed. Research and data are broken down into three layers of content: simple facts, infographics and in-depth information.


Phinney Bischoff Creativity and curiosity are at the core of this brand design firm where thinkers, learners and creators are valued. It’s a realtime curation of the team’s social feeds, blogs and case studies that illustrate its unique perspective and talent.

webpick of the week   01.11.13

BAR Architects This firm’s old site had been up for almost seven years; it was time for a refresh that carried the same impact and allure as the original site that FINE ... Read Review