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The Society of Typographic Arts Talented creatives in typography and design on a vibrant, intimate and engaging site that encourages interaction within the Chicago design community.


Subaru: First Car Story From the campaign for the 2012 Impreza, this site taps into first-car-love. And, with language recognition and animation by MINIVEGAS and rehabstudio it brings it to life with a custom video short set to music and voiceover. www.carmichaellync ...


Bear Naked An immersive long-scrolling playground illustrated by Andrew Rae. Visitors uncover hidden content, share advice via video and are ultimately rewarded for their engagement.


Frank Chimero With a story of images on the homepage and a library of favorite books, this site is more than a repository of writing and design work.

webpick of the week   03.23.12

World Chess Hall of Fame Driven, in part, by the growing international reputations of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center, both in St. Louis, The World Chess Hall of ... Read Review


Twin Farms Dramatic design, responsive technology and a sense of the delicious air on the five-star property make up this scalable site for Vermont’s prized hospitality destination. www.finedesigngrou ...


PUBLIC Bikes A sense of community engagement and urban vitality spread throughout this vibrant, easy to use e-commerce site that sells a product that, previously, was almost never purchased online.


Tahoe South With a magazine-like interface and content curated by locals and the social web, this site serves as a digital concierge, bringing together the best content about Lake Tahoe’s south shore.


Health Law Guide for Business Accurate and easy to understand information about California’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Direct, practical and user-friendly, it helps businesses navigate the state’s 2,409-page health care law.

webpick of the week   03.16.12

Ernie Ball The name Ernie Ball is synonymous with guitar playing and is known worldwide by professional and novice guitarists for having the best strings in the ... Read Review


Sartori Cheese Despite winning awards, this premium Wisconsin cheesemaker was relatively unknown among rank-and-file cheese lovers. This HTML5 and CSS3 site is a useful introduction to the brand and its products.


Rabbits Like Us Against a backdrop of engaging animation is an introduction to German agency Marcellini and some of its favorite clients, friends and associates. The message: “If you’re like these people, we should get to know each other. If not, we shouldn’t.”


South Market District A brochure-like site for a development in downtown New Orleans that gives businesses a sense of the developer’s vision and the community the chance to cast votes for additions. It will eventually serve as a shopping/events guide.


Criticalpast One of the largest privately held online archival footage sources in the world, spanning thousands of hours of video and millions of still photos, is browseable through a unique timeline format.

webpick of the week   03.09.12

Bear 71 This multiuser, interactive narrative follows the life of a female grizzly bear in Canada’s Banff National Park from the moment she’s tagged and collared by park ... Read Review