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Culverhouse With a new information structure, fresh copy and photography, this site distills thousands of pages into an attractive, concise utility for the students, faculty and alumni of the University of Alabama’s business school.


Ausenco This site is the result of distilling the essence of a global engineering company into a clean and understandable storyline—one that’s coherent for a broad audience of potential clients, employees and investors.

webpick of the week   12.28.12

Here At Home There are an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 homeless people across Canada; one-fifth of them live with a mental illness. The federal government has found a ... Read Review


Trufflepig With an insider’s look at travel, a filterable database of destinations and a backend that suits its internal workflow, this site captures Trufflepig’s spirited connect-the-dots approach to unearthing new destinations.


GT Bicycles Continuing where the catalog design left off this redesign is a bold presentation that seamlessly ties together GT Bicycles’s full line, its tried-and-true technology and the fearlessness of its riders.

webpick of the week   12.21.12

Clouds over Cuba To bring awareness to the events surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis this site recounts the weeks leading up to October 1962 through an interactive and ... Read Review


ArtStart This richly interactive site for a New York non-profit features bold graphics, stunning design, immersive animation and a strategic goal-oriented hierarchy that bridges the gap between an informed audience and an engaged one.


Skidmore Studio Opening with a photo tour of its new studio, this site is an aggregation of all the places Skidmore exists—physically and virtually.


Navarro Saxophone Mouthpieces A rich mix of video, photography and social media links tell the story of these handmade, museum-quality mouthpieces without sacrificing any of the detail that serious saxophonists need.


Chasing UFOs Coinciding with a new TV show, this foray into the world of informational and socializable maps enables users to start conversations and share images of extraterrestrial sightings from around the world.

webpick of the week   12.14.12

The King Center Archive This showcase of never-before-seen historical assets is also an information-rich resource about Martin Luther King, Jr. and a source of visitor ... Read Review


Lark This venture-backed health and wellness product company recently completed a global product launch and accompanied it with new branding and this bright, colorful and easily-navigable website.


BOHAN Advertising Designed responsively with a mobile-first approach, this site showcases BOHAN’s culture and creative portfolio through Parallax imagery, custom photography and a clean, crisp and intuitive interface.


BMW Performance Driving School To showcase the heightened adrenaline of BMW’s driving school, this experience site opens with an interactive hot lap video showcasing the new M5. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at performance driving with five mini driving lessons available along the way.


The New Audi A3 This site for Audi’s new A3 maintains the “Everything you need, nothing you don’t” mantra by showcasing the car’s key features through a combination of SVG animation and video in an HTML5 setup.