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Saint Agnes | 150th Anniversary A celebration of the hospital’s anniversary through a single-page, scrolling interactive timeline with JavaScript-enabled animations and callouts that add depth to the experience.


YPulse With a redesign that mirrors the shift of the Web, from information overload to visual navigation, this site brings clarity to the creativity and opinions of this youth-market research firm.


Lebron James This slam-dunk social experience, where anyone can post or comment with text, images or videos is personal, transparent and integrates all of Lebron’s social media properties into a single site that rewards fans for participating.


Domani Studios This new site and identity positions Domani’s culture and creative spirit in parallel with its work and services. Leveraging the best HTML has to offer, each section takes on a slightly different form—rich with hidden details, animation and vibrant colors and patterns.

webpick of the week   06.22.12

The Freedom Collection This online component to an exhibit that will be in the George W. Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University is an archive of ... Read Review


Krystalrae This HTML5, e-commerce site features bold typography, psychedelic prints and a parallax lookbook, all to showcase the company’s bold, fun, exciting knitwear.


GUESS1981 Powered by HTML5 and JQuery, this interactive journey through the company’s 30-year history and a showcase for its “Time Capsule Collection” delivers a consistently compelling experience.


Castor The odd, artistic furniture of this Canadian studio and the quirky inspiration behind their pieces is presented simply through a series of rollovers.


Tracking the Buffalo The Smithsonian National Museum of American History recently refreshed its popular site with a new design and improved user experience to be compatible with tablet devices and compliant with accessibility requirements.

webpick of the week   06.15.12

D-Day to Victory This interactive narrative follows the Allied D-Day journey from the invasion of Normandy to the siege of Berlin. Featuring poignant interviews with the ... Read Review


Lawler Ballard Van Durand Colorblocks and arrows cue visitors as they mouse over content on the single scrolling page of modules that display everything from video and case studies to the agency's point-of-view.


EDP Renováveis Relatório de Contas 2011 With the print version of the report as a starting point for the visual design, this online version impacts visitors with a homepage on the diagonal, engaging graphics and clear and easy access to content.


EMU Australia With global distribution, EMU Australia is an export success and this robust commerce site does a beautiful job of also conveying the quality, values and heritage of the brand.


Range Rover Evoque Special Edition The story of Land Rover’s collaboration with Victoria Beckham told through a layered visual journey of inspiration, design, images and quotes that come together as a user scrolls. thebrooklynbrother ...

webpick of the week   06.08.12

RedVisitor This travel inspiration/information site provides a mix of editorial, interviews and guides to an audience of travelers looking to get the best from a trip. ... Read Review