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Bay State College Constructed with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, this digital viewbook for a Boston school is responsive in web browsers, optimized for tablets, and features a landing page for mobile.


Polaroid At the intersection of content, product and community this HTML site chronicles the evolution of Polaroid and encourages visitors to upload photos, browse archives and offer feedback.


zeitgeistbot Featuring minimal, Swiss-inspired typography, this site takes advantage of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create a unique digital experience for an experimental artist gallery.


Scion Audio Visual With a new generation of youthful buyers in mind, this site serves as the hub of Scion’s lifestyle brand and houses nearly 1,000 pieces of original content and an experience, unmatched by other auto marketers.

webpick of the week   12.16.11

UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Chair of UCLA A.UD, Hitoshi Abe, wanted to communicate how UCLA is different from other architecture schools in that their students ... Read Review


Lucid Inc. With a digital newspaper format, an expanding and contracting large format grid incorporating word, image and film content, this site reflects the diverse approach of this storytelling creative studio.


Eames: The Architect and the Painter An inside look at the collaboration between Herman Miller and the Eameses. A visual timeline of signature icons presents the body of work and a mix of photos, video, quotes and anecdotes bring it to life.


Timothy Goodman This substantial yet simple portfolio site is a slick combination of modern, responsive design and an ExpressionEngine backend, with the sole intent of letting the work shine in a big way.


Jamo wEAR How do you communicate the difference in sound quality between supreme earphones and average earphones online? With images of course. A global introduction to Jamo headphones.

webpick of the week   12.09.11

US Navy Blue Angels Every year, more than fourteen million spectators watch the US Navy’s Blue Angels perform live air shows. Giving viewers an inside perspective, this ... Read Review


Nest | The Learning Thermostat A simple and articulate site with refined interaction, clear language and bold photography brings the company’s ethos to life while placing this new-to-the-world product in the context of everyday life.


James Silverman Photography Photography with an architectural focus and an irregular, angled grid that draws inspiration from the straight lines of the images.


7 Billion & Me Raw data from the UN Population Fund is transformed into dynamic personalized infographics illustrating where individuals fit into current world population and demographic trends throughout history.


simplehuman: made for each other A shuffle interface and a line of mix-and-match soaps and sensor pump systems are the perfect combination on this new commerce site for simplehuman's latest product.

webpick of the week   12.02.11

New Lives: Coming to America The stories of 450 Holocaust survivors who emigrated to Georgia and Alabama after World War II are explored on this important historical ... Read Review