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Voomago Voomago offers a new take on a travel website, less about where you want to go and more about why you want to go. Clean, simple navigation and photography put a spotlight on experiential travel for inspiration and discovery.


Quincy Requin & Associates This sleek website is not what you might expect from an independent law firm. Based in Lyon and Paris, France, Quincy Requin & Associates specializes in trade, corporate and social rights law.


Monograph Monograph is a place for projects—where creatives, technologists, engineers and designers can share what they build and how they make it. Built in-house, the site’s grid display and icons clearly reveal Monograph’s premise.


Form Form, an independent furniture consultancy, has a new site that features an extensive product range with handy filtering features and a blog with the company’s latest updates.

webpick of the week   01.02.15

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AIGA’s Eye on Design AIGA’s Eye on Design blog publishes the best new work from emerging and established designers. Inspired by Paul Rand’s 1968 riff on the AIGA logo, the blinking eye in the website’s header is forward-focused, and a nod to its past.


Voisins The web documentary Voisins presents urban revitalization in a Montreal neighborhood through its citizens’ eyes. Videos project users into the reality of the Chameran neighborhood. ...


The Oyster Review The Oyster Review is a modern literary magazine about a life well read. Elegant type and bright illustrations evoke a sense of bookish wonder. Under the hood, it uses a custom CMS to let users start reading new books quickly.


Lois Jeans A clean and responsive website for Lois Jeans, the legendary Spanish jeans brand, stands out for its seasonally updated interactive campaign and the simplicity of its product galleries and content.

webpick of the week   12.26.14

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Maaemo Michelin two-star restaurant Maaemo’s website focuses its imagery on the raw and harsh climate of Norway, rather than giving away the culinary experience with food photography. The mystery encourages visitors to delve deeper.


ECAL Master in Art Direction From ECAL in Switzerland, the Master in Art Direction (MAAD) website showcases student work. The site features understated design, a collapsing menu bar and a filter to optimize the viewing experience.


Fetzer Winemaker Fetzer’s website uses photos and videos to highlight its varietals, along with pairing suggestions, recipes, awards and content chronicling Fetzer’s history of innovation in sustainable farming and winemaking.


Many Rivers Paris-based Many Rivers helps disabled jobseekers find employment. Its new visual identity features carefully curated colors, an accent on elegant typography and, above all, clarity in its message.

webpick of the week   12.19.14

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