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Protest Boardwear Build in Amsterdam created this fully responsive site to bridge the gap between e-commerce and branding. Users can check out profiles of the Protest surf and snowboard team members and watch videos in addition to shopping.


Heart Heart, a new web magazine, is an updated take on the traditional cut-and-paste fanzine, with interactive multimedia and a unique interface to show off the work of emerging filmmakers, artists and photographers. ...
www.hanglindesign. ...


Bob Marley The Forefathers Group designed this site for the musical icon Bob Marley to focus on his legendary history, with interactive timelines, image galleries and a chronicle of concert history including set lists, audio and photos.


deLaB Design east of La Brea (de LaB for short) organizes events featuring designers, architects and artists working on the east side of Los Angeles. Outpost created a site to promote de LaB’s programs and publish content from events.

webpick of the week   12.27.13

Travel Portland Travel Portland is a site that is used by travelers around the world to find reasons (or should we say excuses?) to visit Portland, Oregon. Based in ... Read Review


Nex7 Marathon Photographer Guillaume Tomasi created Nex7 Marathon as a long-term project and personal challenge. He posts one photo every day, with a new theme every two weeks. It’s a daily inspiration for followers, and for Tomasi himself.


Stitch Design This site for Stitch Design Co., a boutique branding agency in Charleston, South Carolina, reflects the studio’s process and approach: clean design with lots of small details, from logo development to packaging and beyond.


IBM Singapore 60/60 Singapore 60/60 is a gallery of the past and the future, created to celebrate IBM’s 60th anniversary in Singapore. It is an exploration of 120 years of progress in technology and urban life, and a look into the city’s future.


Names for Change Names for Change sells the naming rights to every item in the Urban Ministries homeless shelter in Durham, North Carolina—from toilets to teddy bears to tomato sauce—to help provide food, shelter and permanent housing.

webpick of the week   12.20.13

Gift Maker: the Christmas Price Index If you’re reeling from the cost of holiday gift-buying, just think of that poor guy who had to buy his true love presents for ... Read Review


August August is a new platform for artists to promote and share their work and cultivate relationships around what they create. It is designed to be a beautiful space to discover and experience new artists. ...


Cyril Masson Photographer and filmmaker Cyril Masson's personal portfolio is a full HTML5 responsive website. Parisian studio Wanaka highlighted Masson’s work with a simple parallax design and sober typography.


Break it Down In Ireland, residents are asked to discard food waste in a special bin so it can be collected for industrial composting, but many people don’t bother. Break it Down uses simple graphics to explain the importance of composting.


Knowmad Knowmad Adventures is a travel company that creates active and sustainable journeys in South America. Their site pairs stunning images and a saturated color palette with clean, linear graphics and type.

webpick of the week   12.13.13 Zync Communications designed to be the go-to place for information on Canadian Olympic athletes, sports and games. It was built in preparation for ... Read Review