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ESPN FC World Cup Essentials ESPN FC World Cup Essentials brings soccer to life with 3-D artwork and team images styled like sports cards. Created by ESPN, RED Interactive Agency, and Microsoft IE, the site features an interactive format.


Purple, Rock, Scissors Through playful-yet-elegant video, Gifn-powered staff portraits and seamless UX, Orlando, Florida, digital creative agency Purple, Rock, Scissors showcases what it must be like to work with them—a breeze.


Letters, Inc. Letters, Inc. is a small web design firm based in Tokyo. The team of six designers created this portfolio site to show the development of their power of expression and creativity in the projects they have produced.

webpick of the week   07.04.14

University of Toronto Research Networks Hambly & Woolley developed this site with the University of Toronto to share the innovative work of the university’s researchers ... Read Review


World Under Water World Under Water is an interactive web experience that uses Web GL and Google Street View to show the frightening reality of global warming. Enter your address and see what your neighborhood will look like if sea levels rise.


Your Majesty The site for Your Majesty, a creative agency and production company, features full-page images and detailed descriptions of its strategy, branding, technology and content development for a wide range of projects and products.


UK Design Council The Design Council is the United Kingdom’s champion of great design, funding projects that use design to improve lives. This clean, unobtrusive new site is a fully device-agnostic experience focused on user need.


Vity's Vity’s Design lets you customize your all-American Harley-Davidson with products designed and produced in Italy. The user experience is created with beautiful images for fabulous browsing.

webpick of the week   06.27.14

Barbour: The Story The Story is part of Barbour’s 120th Anniversary Celebration, which extends throughout 2014, and the site is a platform for all the digital and social ... Read Review


Degordian Degordian’s clean, flat, responsive site design represents the agency’s point of view on user experience, design and content, interweaving all three to showcase the agency and the talent of everyone who works there.


Lauren Vidal Lauren Vidal’s new site defines the brand’s universe online just as the flagship store does in person. The responsive site serves both clients and retailers and was designed to be a neutral backdrop to the collections.


Mostly Serious Mostly Serious’s site reflects all that the agency loves about interactive, with key components such as engaging animations, intuitive UX design, adventurous imagery, and code built today to surpass the standards of tomorrow.


The Heather Project The Heather Project, created by photographer and director Christopher Wahl, is a detailed portrait of Heather Ogden, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, and her dedication to her craft through her daily routine.

webpick of the week   06.20.14

KCRW Santa Monica’s KCRW radio is a beloved source of news and new music in the Los Angeles area, and the station’s new website makes it easier than ever for listeners ... Read Review


Let’s Talk Cost This educational site and its concise, shareable content has helped Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina dramatically shift statewide opinion about the true causes of exploding health care costs and insurance premiums.