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La Plus Grande Cave À Biere Du Monde For the E. Leclerc beer festival, Paris-based interactive design studio Merci Michel created an interactive web game inspired by Where’s Waldo? Users explore an animated brewery, learn about the brewing process and find five hidden menus.


We Are Royale Digital production studio We Are Royale updated its site to reveal its bold new trajectory. The concept-oriented studio created a manifesto film that demonstrates its creative process and sense of humor.


Priestley Production company Priestley creates cinematic work across all digital platforms. For its site, design firm Public Library emphasized the written word with white typography and black-and-white backgrounds that gracefully transition to color.


Goldsmith & Co. Goldsmith & Co., an executive search firm, prides itself on being meticulous and direct. Digital agency For Office Use Only designed the site to convey the firm’s straightforward approach as well as its wide range of capabilities and achievements.

webpick of the week   08.07.15

AMY AMY, a documentary recently released in theaters, chronicles the life of well-loved singer Amy Winehouse, who tragically passed away at the young age of 27. ... Read Review


Mackey Mitchell Architects Since 1968, Mackey Mitchell Architects has shaped spaces to inspire the people who walk within them. Almanac created a new website that focuses on this human element by using video backgrounds and images of spaces in use.


Lauren Wickware Book designer Lauren Wickware’s website features her portfolio in an elegant scrolling format, split to mimic the spreads of a book. Studio Cartogram developed a CMS that matches the meticulous organization of her workspace.


Gigya Gigya helps the world’s leading brands build genuine customer relationships. Vancouver-based design firm Gravitate illustrates Gigya’s services on its website through responsive, story-driven design and scroll-based animations.


The Heads of State The Heads of State website redesign focuses on the soulful work of its portfolio. Clean typography, clear organization and big images capture the visitor’s attention while personality abounds in the writing and photography.

webpick of the week   07.31.15

Longwood Gardens Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens, the most popular public garden in the United States, is also home to one of the world’s greatest fountain collections. ... Read Review


Rifle Paper Co. Rifle Paper Co. features its international stationery and lifestyle brand on its new online store. The site features live search, instant catalog sorting, intelligent product recommendations and product specs.


USC’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy The University of Southern California’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy integrates design, technology and business for the next wave of students. The responsive website and video showcases the Academy’s unique curriculum, facilities, faculty and students.


AIGA Design Conference AIGA’s Design Conference brings the design community together. This year’s website is built as a responsive single-page app, allowing for smooth transitions, faster load times and an improved search engine with filters.


The Maine Thing Quarterly The Maine Thing Quarterly’s new issue chronicles Maine’s amazing local food movement. Beyond just farm to table, the scene includes oyster farms, distilleries and some of the most recognized restaurants in the country.

webpick of the week   07.24.15

Uber Brand Guidelines Uber, the transportation service founded in 2009, had always relied on PDFs to communicate its brand guidelines company-wide, but they were ... Read Review