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Ludlow Kingsley & 826LA Creative studio Ludlow Kingsley raised funds for writing nonprofit 826LA with this stop-motion animated cut-paper website. The hands-on, playful website reflects how both 826LA and Ludlow Kingsley approach all their projects.


Alex Robichaud Montréal-based photographer and illustrator Alex Robichaud’s personal portfolio site exhibits surreal and conceptual images that breathe curiosity into the ordinary and rethink the idea of the “everyday.”


Moments Before Dawn Moments Before Dawn, the site for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, gives a view into separate communities of apes and humans, setting up the tension that precedes their fateful collision.

webpick of the week   03.14.14

Buy Local, Eat Natural “Buy Local, Eat Natural”—it’s an idea that’s easy to get behind, but actually doing it can be difficult. The British Columbia Dairy Association ... Read Review


Animals Asia China’s moon bears are farmed for their bile, a practice Animals Asia works to end. Microsoft created this site to explain the bears’ plight with an interactive design that follows the past, present and future of a rescued bear. ...


Trina Turk The responsive design of this vibrant, stylish new site for fashion designers Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow (a.k.a. Mr. Turk) translates their clean, modern California message to any device for shopping poolside or at the beach.


The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation’s new site is an informational resource about the two modernist artists and their foundation. It has cross-browser functionality and a clear, quiet design that mirrors the Albers’ aesthetic.


Sony: Be Moved The Be Moved site shows Sony’s combination of artistry and engineering by telling the stories of their signature products, showing what is behind the creation of underwater headphones, 4K TVs and award-winning digital cameras.

webpick of the week   03.07.14

Once More: The Story of VIN 903847 In 1955, Paul Loofs bought a Volkswagen Beetle and decided to drive it around the world—not once, but three times. Now, 58 years after ... Read Review


World Online Orchestra The World Online Orchestra is an interactive website that allows any musician to play Beethoven’s 7th symphony with members of the Copenhagen Phil. The site is produced by the philharmonic, Makropol and Helios Design Labs.


Hearst The new challenges preconceived notions of what a corporation’s public face should be. It features a responsive and scalable design that highlights the company’s eye for innovation, imagination and inspiration.


Yale Environmental Performance Index The Yale EPI ranks the environmental health and ecosystem vitality of 178 countries according to 20 indicators and 9 key issues. The 2014 EPI site is designed to let the data tell its own story through dynamic visualizations.


Emotions of Sound How does a sound make you feel, and how does your response compare to that of others? This site lets you explore the question, with a simple user interface that uses Chrome’s webkit filters to react visually to your responses.

webpick of the week   02.28.14

Providence College Vantage Points The educational philosophy of Providence College in Rhode Island is that the best way to learn is to approach subjects from multiple ... Read Review


Northink Northink is a Canadian firm that specializes in design for sports teams, hence their motto: Design is Our Sport. This new site celebrates Northink’s five-year anniversary by showcasing the very best of the company’s work.