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The Secret Handshake Chicago studio Bright Bright Great gives young creatives a helping hand with The Secret Handshake, an online resource that connects users with insider advice from established creatives through a simple grid interface.


Shiner The new was designed by Austin-based McGarrah Jessee to be a virtual beer break. Explore Shiner’s full assortment of craft brews and learn more about the rich, 105-year history of this little Texas brewery.

webpick of the week   12.06.13

Campaign for the National Mall Quick: what’s the most visited National Park in America? The National Mall in Washington, DC, is probably not the first thing that came to ... Read Review


Hambly Woolley Design firm Hambly Woolley redesigned its website with a focus on the tablet experience. The responsive site has an intuitive UX, a grid of large buttons, a brilliant color palette, detailed client stories and custom photography.


Why Community Matters To create the Community Matters series, Karsh Hagan shot footage in more than 50 towns served by Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado to create vignettes about business, education, family, charity and the value of community.


iSearch Media Landscape designed the site for iSearch Media with a search-savvy clientele in mind, focusing on the brand’s personality and its unique approach to marketing. The responsive layout features streaming video and immersive imagery.


Frog Design Frog, a global product strategy and design firm, unveiled a responsive and visually alluring new website that is a bold and contemporary showcase of the company’s rich work and unique culture.

webpick of the week   11.29.13

Harvard Art Museum’s Index magazine Index magazine, the print publication of the Harvard Art Museums, has just made its online debut. The site, designed by an ... Read Review


Avalere Health Avalere Health is a leading healthcare consulting firm, helping clients improve business and health policy. Method created a new web presence for the company with a bold, unique design focused on Avalere’s thought leadership.


Village Brooklyn-based Village is a collective of ten type foundries. The group’s new site is built for high-resolution display and straightforward licensing of its library of typefaces.


Faces of Facebook The Faces of Facebook, a personal project by technologist Natalia Rojas, shows more than 1.2 billion Facebook profile pictures on a single page. You can find yourself and your friends in a sea of faces from around the world.


Cutler Bremner H2O H20 is the first in a series of themed creative projects by Craig Cutler and Scott Bremner. Programmed by ihousedesign to showcase six videos of water in motion, it has no main navigation, just images to click and explore.

webpick of the week   11.22.13

An Idea Lives On Fifty years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The event has had a monumental impact on the American consciousness, even for those ... Read Review


Design Womb Design Womb is a Chicago studio specializing in brand identity, graphic, web and package design. The site’s clean layout uses typography to showcase work for clients in the restaurant, beverage, fashion and beauty industries.


Tiny Atlas Quarterly Tiny Atlas Quarterly is an online travel magazine devoted to a cross-platform immersive visual experience. The site layers narratives in live type over beautiful images and illustration to create a specific sense of place. ...