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Let’s Talk Cost This educational site and its concise, shareable content has helped Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina dramatically shift statewide opinion about the true causes of exploding health care costs and insurance premiums.


And Atelier Independent design duo João Araújo and Rita Huet founded Porto, a Portugal-based studio and Atelier in 2010. This portfolio site features the studio’s editorial, print and poster design projects.


Master & Dynamic Wondersauce lead the design and development of this site for Master & Dynamic, purveyors of handcrafted and carefully designed audio pieces, to provide an e-commerce experience that matches the quality of the brand’s products.


Optum Pro Cycling To combat obesity, Optum Pro Cycling’s message is simple: Take charge of your own health through an active lifestyle. The team’s new site invites users to tag Instagram photos of their active endeavors using #humanpoweredhealth.

webpick of the week   06.13.14

MIT List Visual Arts Center The List Visual Art Center is located on the campus of MIT, and its mission to explore challenging, intellectually driven contemporary art ... Read Review


Code and Theory Digital agency Code and Theory’s new website greets visitors with a core agency principle: Why we make the things we make says a lot about us. These simple words organize all of the site’s content.


Brooklyn Bridge Park This site is a digital tour guide to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s inspired by the park’s purposeful design and aims to capture its emotional impact by showing beautiful views of New York City that can’t be seen from anywhere else.


We Are Visual Animals We Are Visual Animals is an inspirational showcase of the work of emerging visual creatives. Designed, developed and curated by Charlie Clark, the site is an AJAX-loading one pager with slick animations and a minimal aesthetic.


Jam3 Jam3’s new site reflects the company’s maturation as it approaches its tenth year of business. It was designed to showcase Jam3’s portfolio and three-pronged approach to work: storytelling, design and technology.

webpick of the week   06.06.14

Why Go Wild Why Go Wild is part of the Traditional and Wild project, a collaboration between nonprofits, academic institutions and local authorities in Hungary, Czech ... Read Review


NY Train Project NY Train Project is a tribute to the historic and often overlooked New York Subway system. The site features an illustrated version of each station sign in Manhattan, viewable by train line. Pick a line and begin your trip.


I Lost a Bet Some bets are funny. Some are not. This fully responsive site uses humor to entice viewers to learn the facts about problem gambling, including ways to help themselves and others.


FreedomPay FreedomPay is an advanced payment platform for commerce across all sectors and industries that makes payments faster, simpler and safer. This responsive website kicks off a new, fully integrated brand identity for the company.


Volkswagen Find a Match The new from Deutsch LA uses online matchmaking tools and local dealer inventory of over 80,000 VWs to help shoppers find their dream car. Each vehicle has a profile page with images, features and a payment estimator.

webpick of the week   05.30.14

The Ghosts of Rana Plaza On April 24, 2013, Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial complex in Bangladesh, collapsed, killing more than 1,100 and injuring at least 2,500. ... Read Review