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The Great Discontent A quarterly print and online magazine featuring candid interviews with those who create, The Great Discontent’s site redesign showcases bold photography and inspiring content, encouraging readers to explore.


Offshore International Offshore International explores the dangers and consequences of pursuing deep-water oil. Following Offshore (2013), this new interactive documentary shows oil fields in Brazil, Ghana, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.


Columbia Journalism Review The new website for Columbia Journalism Review features a more dynamic homepage, text-driven typography, a sophisticated color palette and a responsive design that optimizes the reading experience for every screen.

webpick of the week   04.24.15

National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus There are many sides to history, but especially the life and death of Jesus. For National Geographic Channel’s historical ... Read Review


Mah Ze Dahr Bakery This fully responsive e-commerce website allows users to immerse themselves in the Mah Ze Dahr Bakery. With simple navigation, a unique shop layout and an intuitive shopping cart, visitors can explore the shop with ease.


Mix the City Mix the City is an interactive music site created with YouTube star Kutiman. Users create their own mix of Tel Aviv musicians. The project, by Flying Object and Roll Studio, was commissioned by the British Council and The Space.


Brooklyn United Brooklyn United is a culture-led, results-driven digital agency working with brands like Blue Man Group and Netflix. Its website showcases the agency’s results, capabilities and team in a clean form with interactive surprises.


Girls Leadership The Oakland–based nonprofit Girls Leadership empowers girls to be authentic and assertive. The organization’s new website conveys this vital mission in a simplified design that better connects users to its programs.

webpick of the week   04.17.15

The St. Louis Browns “First in shoes, first in booze and last in the American League.” This infamous saying introduces newcomers to the St. Louis Browns, one of the ... Read Review


Inner Ear Records Inner Ear Records is an independent record label in Greece. The redesign organizes its growing roster with a minimal aesthetic that highlights the company’s identity, while housing the motley aesthetics of its releases.


Wray Ward Marketing communications firm Wray Ward took a mobile-first approach for its new website. Beautiful images and clean layouts put the focus on the work, while a flexible grid system keeps content fresh throughout the site.


FORM Group FORM is a digital creative firm for arts and culture clients. Background video shows portfolio details, while social feeds and easter eggs convey the firm’s culture. Parallax effects and mixed scrolling add depth and interest.


In Pieces In Pieces is an interactive exhibition of 30 unique endangered species. Thirty “pieces” show the struggles of these beautiful creatures, and remind users of the natural beauty we are on the verge of losing forever.

webpick of the week   04.10.15

Harvard Business Review The esteemed business publication the Harvard Business Review upgraded its online presence to suit the needs of its ambitious audience. To ... Read Review


King Estate Oregon’s King Estate is a major wine brand famed for pinot gris. Its image-driven site, with a unique design grid that renders responsively across devices, imparts place and story, and invites seamless exploration of its wines.