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Hyperakt Hyperakt is a social-impact design studio, helping change-makers tell their stories. This new portfolio site features engaging, in-depth case studies and filterable articles that explain the social context of Hyperakt’s work.

webpick of the week   05.23.14

Los Angeles Times The new is the result of a radical rethinking of how design and technology affect the consumption and delivery of news, information and ... Read Review


Werner Design Werks WDW’s new website shows at a glance the design firm’s variety of work and its belief that it is only as good as it last project. History, however, makes WDW what it is today, and its web archive features 23 years of projects.


Southern Comfort Most alcohol brands tell people how to drink their spirit. Southern Comfort did the opposite in a new site by W+K where people can show the company—and the world—how they like their Southern Comfort.


Gentleman Scholar Gentleman Scholar’s new site, designed and developed in house, gives a glimpse into the design and animation studio’s work process with mini-case studies, behind-the-scenes elements, a multilayered blog and a Journal section.


MCKL Webtype Built to celebrate the partnership between Webtype and MCKL type foundry, this site boasts Opentype features, optimal type rasterizing, editable text, usable code snippets and regularly overlooked font file data.

webpick of the week   05.16.14

Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 28th, Minneapolis-based advertising agency Olson unveiled a remarkable project on ... Read Review


Chilewich A new site for unique textile design company Chilewich blends high design with commercial functionality. It uses a proprietary CMS and features large, vivid images, improved navigation and thoughtfully curated new sections.


LightNight Liverpool This clean and responsive site for Liverpool’s one-night arts and culture festival filters events by time, location and type. The itinerary function allows users to create their own unique journey around LightNight Liverpool.


Michael Parks Pipes Michael Parks is one of the top artisan pipe makers in the world. This site, designed and photographed by BLKLTR, documents his commitment to hand-made quality, focusing on the process of his art and the heritage of his craft.


Sotheby’s Pentagram’s Abbott Miller updated the Sotheby’s website, developed as part of a comprehensive new identity program for the international auction house. The dynamic and engaging design is an immersion into the world of art.

webpick of the week   05.09.14

Explore Edmonton Edmonton, Canada has launched a new tourism campaign called Original Since Way Back, designed to let travelers around the world know that the city is a ... Read Review


Obakki Foundation The Obakki Foundation works to bring water to the people of Africa. Briteweb designed and built this website as part of a new brand and communications strategy to clearly communicate the foundation’s mission, impact and reach.


Candido Portinari This web portal hosts the work and documents of Candido Portinari, a highly influential Brazilian painter. The archive can be viewed as a mosaic or informational graphic and can be filtered by year, media, color and more.


I Am Brazuca The interactive film I am Brazuca uses 360° video to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup match ball, the adidas Brazuca—which has its own Twitter profile—on its journey from the streets of Brazil to the World Cup.