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L’unità Restaurant L’unità is a traditional Italian osteria that boasts the best cannoli in Toronto. CINDERBLOC had to serve up a site that was as good as the food, with responsive design and finely art directed food photos by Rick O’Brien.
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webpick of the week   11.15.13

A Short History of the Highrise A Short History of the Highrise is a web-based interactive documentary in the form of a non-fiction storybook. In this ... Read Review


Stout Stout, a San Francisco-based creative studio, built a portfolio site with an uncomplicated layout to focus attention on the firm’s bold, colorful work. The site is streamlined and responsive, and uses Kirby as its CMS.


Cleveland Institute of Art FORM created the new web presence for the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art. The site hosts a deep well of dynamic content, but on the surface it is clean and easy to navigate, designed to appeal to prospective students.


The Dangers of Drug Driving A new test called the Drugalyser® is being rolled out this year to help British police detect and tackle drug-driving offenses. Auto dealer Evans Halshaw’s interactive guide shows exactly why (and how) drug driving is a risk.


The Future of the Airline Website Fi has a wish list of industries it would love to work with. Travel is one of those industries, so Fi created a case study to show what airline websites could look like if they were willing to be a little more disruptive.

webpick of the week   11.08.13

Levi’s Make Our Mark Over three weeks in September, the artist Doug Aitken directed “Station to Station,” a mobile art event ... Read Review


Jacqueline Cullen jewelrey Jeweler Jacqueline Cullen works with jet, a gemstone that Queen Victoria wore to mourn the death of her prince. Cullen’s organic, diamond-studded forms celebrate jet’s sensuality, which is reflected in this site by Construct.


FF Mark FontFont invites users to take its new FF Mark typeface for a test-drive on this site, created to celebrate the release of the new font, demonstrate FF Mark’s capabilities and highlight the creative process behind the typeface.


Esquire’s Life of Man Life of Man celebrates the 80th anniversary of Esquire with 80 celebrity portraits by Mark Mann. Readers were invited to submit their own stories and photos to complete the portrait of the modern American male.


Startup Universe The Startup Universe displays and explores the relationships between startup companies, their founders and venture capitalists since 1990, a comprehensive exploration of the whirlwind of startup life over the past 22 years.

webpick of the week   11.01.13

Gravity Creating the web experience to accompany Gravity, one of the most visually innovative films in recent memory, is a bit more of a challenge than the ... Read Review


Scientific Reform Group Scientific Reform Group’s Alertness Detection Software, which senses early signs of drowsiness in drivers, could save millions of lives. This simple, sophisticated website by Phoenix Media explains the technology and its impact.


Sean Herman Design Colorado-based designer and developer Sean Herman offers a range of creative services, including web development, user interface design and brand development. His portfolio site clearly and simply describes his diverse skills.


SNAP SNAP, or Science for Nature and People, is a collaborative effort to improve life by protecting nature. smashLAB’s responsive, easy-to-edit design tells SNAP’s story and provides a platform for its magazine and research groups.