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Colorhouse Colorhouse paint removes toxins without sacrificing paint quality. Its responsive website, designed by Gravitate, elegantly guides shoppers from inspiration to purchase.


All Hands All Hands is a nonprofit dedicated to helping communities devastated by natural disasters. The responsive website engages both volunteers and donors, while allowing for quick and flexible content updates when disaster strikes.


Auburn University College of Agriculture Anchored by striking photography, this redesigned site for the Auburn University College of Agriculture features a user-tested interface, intuitive navigation, and news and events content that can be continuously updated.

webpick of the week   02.06.15

Haruki Murakami To promote Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s works to an English-language audience, Bluecadet captured the immersive, imaginative and experiential ... Read Review


Tung Toronto-based design studio Tung’s intentionally minimalist site uses clean, subtle typography and large, beautiful images to place all of the emphasis on its work. The landing page also features a simple, yet playful animation.


The Local Palate The magazine Local Palate showcases Southern food culture through a bold, modern voice. The site blends strong typographic hierarchy and compartmentalized content, while subtle interactions highlight functionality.


Palaxy Tracks This official site for the band Palaxy Tracks features deftly animated music videos from the upcoming album Wilderness, their first in ten years. The site was designed and developed by Brandon Durham of Small Parade.


Fieldwork Fieldwork is a design and digital agency in Manchester, England. With bright animation and photos, its website emphasizes the agency’s loves: making things, collaborating, identifying interesting problems and building solutions.

webpick of the week   01.30.15

Lucas Museum First, George Lucas brought us his all-encompassing visions of the future in Star Wars. Now, he’s bringing us the future of storytelling in the form ... Read Review


deDraft This visual identity and new website for London-based architecture firm deDraft features easy cataloging of projects. Created by design firm Build, the website is filterable by project type, such as completed and onsite.


Flandria Type Ulia Krysanova’s student work from Moscow shows off Flandriatype—a modern promo website for the font family Flandria, with parallax effects. The site displays all the possibilities of the typeface in a “try it” window. ...


DANISH™ DANISH™, an online magazine, promotes Danish design and architecture. Its website structure revolves around the articles and company profiles, with a focus on an intuitive reading experience.


Fletcher Vaughan This site is designed to showcase the work of New Zealand furniture designer Fletcher Vaughan. A clean, modern design, it uses typography as graphic and navigational elements, and products add splashes of color and contrast.

webpick of the week   01.23.15

The Vanishing Game Murders along the misty lochs of Scotland and a roving car chase along its dunes—what better way to show off the ruggedness of a Land Rover? At the ... Read Review


BASIC Agency To reveal its unique thinking, San Diego-based brand design agency BASIC refreshed its website to showcase its work in branding, retail and communications for clients such as New Era, Nixon and Incase.