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webpick of the week   08.08.14

McColl Center for Art + Innovation Museums tend to display paintings with the most neutral background possible—a white wall—so that visitors focus on the art. For McColl ... Read Review


Ten Inspiring Moments St. Louis Children's Hospital enlivened its annual report with affecting photos, personal stories and animated graphics to celebrate the hospital's triumphs, such as a leukemia patient who earned a perfect ACT score.


Briefcase Type Foundry Recently launched Czech type foundry Briefcase digitizes original fonts and publishes older, previously unreleased typefaces. Briefcase's minimally designed website shows off its curated compendium of fonts.


Elespacio To rebrand its identity, Barcelona–based digital agency Elespacio created a futuristic website that riffs on its name, which means "space," using background footage of the moon's surface and other galactic references.


Readymag Readymag is an online publishing platform with responsive design that helps digital storytellers create stylish microsites, online magazines, portfolios and presentations—all with ease.

webpick of the week   08.01.14

Google Night Walk Although Paris tops most tourist destination lists, Marseille—France's second-largest city on the Mediterranean—is often overlooked. Night Walk in ... Read Review


The Legendary Journey With scroll-activated animation and audio storytelling, this website narrates the legendary 7-0 Turkey vs. Syria game in 1949, and explains why Turkey couldn't go to the World Cup despite winning a spot. ...


Makeshift Makeshift magazine finds ingenuity on the economic margins, from Chinese hackers to homemade aircraft in Nigeria. Its website complements the quarterly print magazine with immersive multimedia journalism and a responsive design.


Brahma In this HTML5 website, a regal, gold-foil font and dramatic photography set the stage for Brahma's World Cup beer, Selecao Especial, made with barley grown at the Brazil national soccer team's training center.


Universal Typeface Experiment The Universal Typeface Experiment is averaging our collective, global penmanship by combining digital handwriting samples with Mobile Connect, compatible with touchscreens. The typeface will be downloadable this September.

webpick of the week   07.25.14

After 6/4 To fully illuminate the history of a censorship state, storytellers must show at least two sides: the view from inside the state and outside its walls. Special ... Read Review


Humaan Delightful copy reflects digital agency Humaan's focus on humans, and an intuitive interface shows that the agency values the user more than flashy technology. Personality infuses the "About" page with full-body team photos.


APT CB2 A brisk website for an inventive campaign: CB2 invited fans to design an apartment live on Pinterest. With the help of five Pinners, rooms were brought to life and broadcasted live as users voted on their favorite furniture.


Adobe Muse This graphically bold Adobe Muse site, created using its namesake, shows the software's features, including a variety of scroll effects, full-screen imagery, slideshows, embedded-HTML animations, HiDPI-image support and more.


AKQA Ad agency AKQA created a sleek and simple website that highlights its innovative bent: they "exist to create the future" for clients including Nike, Audi, Red Bull and Google across thirteen offices worldwide.