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LiveAreaLabs The site for digital branding agency LiveAreaLabs, based in New York and Seattle, communicates the firm’s focus on creating gratifying digital experiences that build an emotional connection and create brand ambassadors.


Motor Mart Garage The most important things a parking garage website needs to convey are its location and its rates. Motor Mart’s site does this with prominent buttons and clean navigation, as well as custom icons and floor-plan illustrations.


Petersham Nurseries The new Petersham Nurseries site by Matter Of Form is a responsive platform that conveys the charm of this unique restaurant and garden center. It even includes an interactive map of walking and cycling routes in the area.

webpick of the week   03.28.14

Wilson History Wilson makes gear for all kinds of popular sports: tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, football—even badminton. This year Wilson is celebrating a century ... Read Review


Nissan: The Detour The Detour lets you drive the 2014 Nissan Rogue down your very own street. It uses Google’s Street View, Maps and Satellite API along with Hollywood-style digital effects for an action-packed adventure with a familiar backdrop.


Jeremy Holmes Children’s bookmaker Jeremy Holmes used Squarespace to build a portfolio site that could be heavily customized and easily updated. He added amped-up social networking abilities and wonderfully witty photography by Aileen Bannon.


Knuckles Industries Matt Muldoon of Knuckles Industries has a passion for metalworks and produces amazing furniture and artwork. This site by FLIPP Advertising reflects his authenticity with a journalistic style and day-in-the-life photography.


Mike Kus Designer Mike Kus’s new site is all about the content, and aims to create an immersive experience for the user. The UI was kept as simple as possible, and each project has its own page so each can be analyzed in depth.

webpick of the week   03.21.14

TED TED has become synonymous with its tagline, “ideas worth spreading,” and there is no better place for spreading ideas than the web. The new, designed by ... Read Review


Finlandia The new site for Finlandia Vodka by digital agency Code and Theory is a cinematic, scrollable experience that lets you immerse yourself in the unusual world of Finlandia from any device or browser.


Ludlow Kingsley & 826LA Creative studio Ludlow Kingsley raised funds for writing nonprofit 826LA with this stop-motion animated cut-paper website. The hands-on, playful website reflects how both 826LA and Ludlow Kingsley approach all their projects.


Alex Robichaud Montréal-based photographer and illustrator Alex Robichaud’s personal portfolio site exhibits surreal and conceptual images that breathe curiosity into the ordinary and rethink the idea of the “everyday.”


Moments Before Dawn Moments Before Dawn, the site for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, gives a view into separate communities of apes and humans, setting up the tension that precedes their fateful collision.

webpick of the week   03.14.14

Buy Local, Eat Natural “Buy Local, Eat Natural”—it’s an idea that’s easy to get behind, but actually doing it can be difficult. The British Columbia Dairy Association ... Read Review


Animals Asia China’s moon bears are farmed for their bile, a practice Animals Asia works to end. Microsoft created this site to explain the bears’ plight with an interactive design that follows the past, present and future of a rescued bear. ...