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Rokkan Rokkan’s rebranding speaks to its maturity and new positioning. The new is intentionally minimal, relying on the basics: beautiful typography, subtle details and passionate copy.


Rogue Society Gin Abstract shapes and scroll-activated animation set the stage for modernized Rogue Society Gin from New Zealand. Both artisan and scientifically researched, the gin’s website includes both precision and handmade details.


Interior Design by Decade Interior Design by Decade invites users to scroll through the years to learn how history has influenced British home decorating. Crisp, bold shapes and explanatory pop ups make the evolution clear. harveywatersoftene ...

webpick of the week   09.05.14

Atterwasch Despite Germany’s goal of 80 percent renewable energy by 2050, coal mines are still ravaging its landscape. The tiny village of Atterwasch has already endured ... Read Review


The Texas Boot Company Texas Boot Company photographed its footwear on rodeo cowboys, providing real Texas attitude. Designed by Black Eye Digital, its new site extends the shoe seller's local reach through online shopping and a boots-obsessed blog.


Martin Pavely Brooklyn-based designer and coder Martin Pavely's portfolio website features playful navigation. When users draw on the homepage, prompts lead them to Pavely's work samples. ...


PRESS For San Francisco book and paper shop PRESS, Brent Freaney designed a photo-centric site to show off its meticulously curated products. The site features a checkerboard layout with hover states for each interactive image.


The Drew League Using a mobile-first design approach with long-form, short-form and user-generated content, Nike LA’s Drew League website channels retro sports design to showcase South Central Los Angeles's famous pro-am league.

webpick of the week   08.29.14

Cronulla Riots The Cronulla Riots of 2005 scared many Australians. After a fight between lifeguards and beachgoers, mobs of white supremacist Australians assaulted ... Read Review


The Line The Line includes magazine-style features and an online shop for carefully curated fashion and home products. Its primarily black-and white site exudes understated glamour.


Airbnb In addition to creating a viral logo, Airbnb developed a new site that emphasizes the Airbnb community and its widespread destinations. A grid design, videos and subdued typeface entice users to travel the world.


Subskill Digital Subskill Digital, a Parisian studio made up of a developer and a designer, works across all types of media. Its site is full of dark intrigue, a colorful splash page and contrast to support navigation and highlight projects.


Smartwater The bottled-water company Smartwater’s distillation process is inspired by the way clouds filter rain water. Its innovative site invites users to scroll up to the sky, where they can paint, sculpt and make music with the clouds.

webpick of the week   08.22.14

Smarty Pins Geography geeks have a chance to show off their skills with Smarty Pins, the latest web feature from Google Maps and web development company Hook. The game ... Read Review


Sharon Daddi Creative agency Oui Will worked closely with hair stylist Sharon Daddi to develop a site that portrays her natural, minimalist and culture-conscious style. The resulting one-page site is fully responsive for mobile and tablet.