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Orillo Productions Orillo is a global production company, specializing in engaging films. On its website, a digital clock represents its non-stop quest to raise the bar, with full-screen video and photography that create a media-rich environment. peterhintondesign. ...


Hey Barcelona-based design studio Hey’s new fully responsive website is a gridded homepage with large images that instantly show Hey’s portfolio and style. The minimalist navigation stays to the side, putting the focus on the work.


Man on Bridge Man on Bridge is a photo collection project that gathers the work of Arthur Fields, a street photographer who captured passersby on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge from the 1930s to ’80s. Dubliners can add their photos to the archive.


Mr. Marcel School Madrid design college Mr. Marcel School aspires to be a playground for learning and to cultivate students’ active curiosity. Its web presence uses blocks of pastel colors and bold headers to invite users to explore.

webpick of the week   10.31.14

A Spacecraft for All Vintage finds have become hip for rocket scientists, too. The ISEE-3 spacecraft, which NASA launched in 1978 to study the Earth’s magnetic field, ... Read Review


The Design Files The Design Files is Australia’s most popular design blog, unearthing Australian design in all its incarnations. On Wednesdays, the site features a photo series of family homes, which the publication shoots, produces and styles.


The Colors of Motion The Colors of Motion allows users to interact with the colors of their favorite movies, and even identify the CSS color codes. Designer Charlie Clark built the site using a myriad of technologies, from Bash to Backbone. charlieclarkdesign ...


Van Gogh Museum The new Van Gogh Museum website focuses on storytelling, with graphics that bring the artist’s work to life. The new site supports the museum’s mission to make Vincent van Gogh’s work accessible to as many people as possible.


FF Franziska This website reveals the making of FF Franziska, a robust type family for body copy as well as headlines. With diagrams and sketches, designer Jakob Runge examines fundamental questions in typography.

webpick of the week   10.24.14

The Jewish Museum While developing a fresh identity, New York’s Jewish Museum also redesigned its website with prominent images and graphic style. The site conveys the ... Read Review


Quartz Business news publication Quartz has redesigned twice in two years, making good on its promise to improve on what a digital media company can be. The fresh design features an alternative to the homepage: the brief.


Commercial Type Bold and intuitive, the Commercial Type Webfonts Showcase is a set of 16 microsites, each with a different font from the foundry’s library, and typographic and literary tools—from building poems to choosing your own adventure.


Bluecadet Digital agency Bluecadet’s new site features a fluid front-end, incorporating moments of delight through video and an interactive portfolio. The site is built on Wordpress and features an intuitive backend.


Jolly Time Popcorn To showcase Jolly Time Popcorn’s 100-year journey, Haberman designed and developed a virtual museum. This scrollable timeline reveals the history of popcorn, vintage ads and Jolly Time’s heritage with nostalgic design.

webpick of the week   10.17.14

Live in Levi’s To showcase how Levi’s jeans accumulate billions of stories throughout the world, the Live in Levi’s online lookbook displays international denim lovers ... Read Review