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Hearst The new challenges preconceived notions of what a corporation’s public face should be. It features a responsive and scalable design that highlights the company’s eye for innovation, imagination and inspiration.


Yale Environmental Performance Index The Yale EPI ranks the environmental health and ecosystem vitality of 178 countries according to 20 indicators and 9 key issues. The 2014 EPI site is designed to let the data tell its own story through dynamic visualizations.


Emotions of Sound How does a sound make you feel, and how does your response compare to that of others? This site lets you explore the question, with a simple user interface that uses Chrome’s webkit filters to react visually to your responses.

webpick of the week   02.28.14

Providence College Vantage Points The educational philosophy of Providence College in Rhode Island is that the best way to learn is to approach subjects from multiple ... Read Review


Northink Northink is a Canadian firm that specializes in design for sports teams, hence their motto: Design is Our Sport. This new site celebrates Northink’s five-year anniversary by showcasing the very best of the company’s work.


Isa Genzken at the MoMA MoMA is hosting a comprehensive retrospective of Isa Genzken’s diverse body of work, the first of its kind in an American museum. The accompanying site was designed by MoMA’s Digital Media department and developed by Type/Code.


Lubiam Lubiam is a historical fashion company and a symbol of Italian men’s style. This new website represents the uniqueness and classic simplicity of the brand, which has over 100 years of tradition behind it.


Barefoot Provisions Paleo diets and “primal” lifestyles are increasingly popular among the health-conscious. Barefoot Provisions is the first e-commerce site for ancestral, primal and paleo foodstuffs, presented with bold “food porn” photography.

webpick of the week   02.21.14

Fort McMoney The National Film Board of Canada has carved out an impressive niche for itself, making innovative, interactive web documentaries that bear little ... Read Review


NYC Charter School Center This microsite for the Charter Center assembles key information about New York City charter schools that was scattered throughout the center’s main site. The responsive design features parallax programming and embedded video.


What a Character What a Character is a simple site that provides a new way to look at typefaces. The site presents individual characters in an extra-large size, focusing on the beauty and detail of each outline rather than the entire alphabet.


Scott Biersack This single-page portfolio site for letterer, designer and illustrator Scott Biersack is easy to read and access on any device. The design features an Ajax portfolio, HTML5, CSS3 markup and a built-in Twitter feed.


Level Life LEVEL Life’s philosophy is that to control diabetes, you have to change, but you don’t have to sacrifice. Ad agency LRXD helped LEVEL Life craft a nutritional plan for diabetics and a new site that offers the program and foods.

webpick of the week   02.14.14

100 Years of Design AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is celebrating its centennial year in 2014. 100 Years of ... Read Review


Land O’ Lakes Farm Families This Land O’ Lakes microsite introduces the cooperative of farm families who produce milk for the company. Images, video and audio content powerfully communicate the pride and care they take in their work.