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Big Spaceship Big Spaceship’s new site is fully responsive and highlights the agency’s creative work. The desire for simplicity informed every decision, from the bold use of full-bleed images to the elegant typography in the case studies.


Geox To test their line of waterproof shoes, Geox made one man endure seven days of nonstop rain. This site chronicles his story. See how well both the shoes and the tester hold up during a week under an omnipresent cloud.


Billy Sweeney This minimal, fully responsive portfolio site houses the work of New York-based designer Billy Sweeney. At the top of the site, a stylized eye follows the movement of your mouse, encouraging curiosity and discovery.

webpick of the week   01.31.14

The Moholy-Nagy Foundation Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946) defies categorization, having produced influential work in photography, film, typography, ... Read Review


Space Needle Seattle’s Space Needle was built in 1962, a symbol of exploration in the age of space mania. At 605 feet tall, it begs you to look up. So Creature made a site that scrolls up, exploring the Space Needle and the city around it.


Goldee Since the invention of the light bulb, the way we interact with light hasn't changed much. Now, Goldee “smart lighting” makes our lights interact with us—adjusting to how we live, when we sleep and when we wake up.


CIRA Online Factbook Alphabet partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to produce its annual Factbook, a highly functional, informative tool that shows Canadian and global Internet trends and statistics.


Origin Design Origin Design + Communications, experts in marketing for outdoor sports and mountain tourism, showcases its portfolio in this slick, grid-based site. Strategic functionality was provided through partnership with Newfangled.

webpick of the week   01.24.14

Little League, Big Legacy The players might be small, but there’s nothing little about Little League, which has been part of innumerable American childhoods. This site ... Read Review


The House of Eyewear Digital creative agency Spellwood designed this website for The House of Eyewear, a luxury eyewear shop in Paris, and created all the content, including photography, video and 360º product images.


Crop the Block Crop the Block brings together a community of creative urban filmmakers. Contributors have created a wide diversity of short videos that combine to highlight the unique beauty of two vibrant cities, Paris and Berlin.


Curadmir In ancient Ireland, the bravest warriors were given the best cut of meat: the Curadmir, or Champion’s Portion. The Curadmir Ulster Cycle is one of Europe’s most challenging rides. This site is an online experience of the event.


Schema Schema is a design and technology studio that focuses on interaction design and data visualization. This responsive site displays Schema’s work in a dynamic, scalable grid of images that can be filtered by project or topic.

webpick of the week   01.17.14

daOMA Omaha, Nebraska is part of what is known to some as “flyover country.” Design alliance OMAha (daOMA), a nonprofit dedicated to public education and appreciation of ... Read Review


Teague Instrument designed and developed the site for Teague, an industrial design firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and created new video and photo assets to showcase 85 years of Teague’s work and ideas.