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2005 Illustration Annual

We had 5,588 illustration entries this year, presenting a wide variety of visual approaches from which the jurors chose 208 for inclusion. “I was impressed by the entries’ diversity in style and technique,” said juror Stephen Zhang. “There are signs that illustrators are influenced by more diverse cultures and subcultures, notably youth underground, Asian, hip-hop, etc.” “In the examples I saw where advertisements utilized illustration, the added values seem so obvious,” said juror Kiera Alderette. “Their brands and messages stood out because they choose not to buy into the dumbing down of the viewer/ consumer by serving up recycled imagery that is safe and unremarkable. This experience only encourages me to work harder to find ways in which to commission more artists’ work to provide my clients’ brands with an edge—something original and ownable only by them.” When asked about the future of the profession, several jurors suggested that illustrators take a more entrepreneurial role. “Illustration isn’t getting the respect it deserves from the design community at the moment,” said juror Nick Jehlen. “But its strengths can be used to sell directly to the public through T-shirts, Web sites and other products, as well as smaller presses and ‘zines.”

"Illustration will continue to be a vital part of visual communication. Conceptually, it can convey ideas much more powerfully than other media."
— Stephen Zhang
Meet the Jury
Paul Buckley
Penguin Group (USA)
Nick Jehlen
Progressive Magazine
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2005 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 208 winning projects from 5588 entries.


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2005 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Opener to feature PBS documentary on slavery. Illustration accompanying an essay by James Oliver Horton and Lois E. ... more

Clemente Botelho, illustrator Louise Landry, art director Image Partners, design firm National Urban League, client