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2006 Advertising Annual

The once distinctive lines between media continued to blur at this year’s Advertising Annual. Television commercial or Web viral video? Wild posting or outdoor poster? In the end, the jurors were looking for ideas. “It’s becoming clear how over-saturated North American markets are and that ever more sophisticated marketing efforts are required to attract and maintain customer attention,” said Ian Grais, co-creative director of Rethink in Vancouver, Canada. “Smart, captivating, perfectly executed ideas are quickly becoming mandatory in order to interest potential customers as they control more of their own content.” While we saw growth in new and non-traditional media, the predicted demise of traditional media has been premature. “The print ad and the TV spot are alive and well,” said Michael Ancevic, senior vice president and creative director at Mullen in Wenham, Massachusetts. “There are those who are convinced TV and print are dead. I can honestly say they’re wrong.” Jurist’s comments were not all laudatory. “I was disappointed that there wasn’t more interesting radio,” said David Oakley, co-creative director of BooneOakley in Charlotte, North Carolina. “If there’s one place that’s wide open for a young writer to make an immediate impact, it’s by reinventing how to write engaging radio.” “I think the whole scare-tactics-in-public-service work has seen its day,” added John Butler, executive creative director of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, in Sausalito, California. “I don’t necessarily mean that public service should be funny, but if I see one more spot that is gratuitously shocking to make a point, I’ll hurl.”

"Limited budgets and resources applied against impossible business objectives. When we do our jobs well, that’s what it’s all about."
— Mike Malone
Meet the Jury
John Butler
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Ian  Grais
Mike  Malone
The Richards Group
David Oakley
Jonathan  Schoenberg
tda advertising & design
Monica Taylor
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2006 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Arnie Presiado, art director Pete Shamon, writer Colin Jeffery/Dave Weist, creative directors Alan Pafenbach, executive creative director Ron Lawner, chief creative officer Andrea Ricker, art buyer Diane Brito, production manager Arnold Worldwide (Boston, MA), ad agency Volkswagen, client