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2006 Design Annual

This year’s winning entries saw growth in trademarks, letterheads and product/service brochures. We also saw significant growth in motion graphics, although the category was dominated by ad agencies, who have been increasing submissions to the Design Annual for several years. This reflects advertising’s push into areas outside of traditional print and television. “I was impressed with the identity program materials,” said juror Brandon Murphy of Dallas, Texas-based Squires & Company. “It is a category of design that is often purely functional and deemed confining by designers. However, the entries this year were highly innovative, fun and diverse. Not only were they creating guides for functional usage, they were creating interesting literature that helped communicate the attitude and style of the companies.” “In the package design entries, specialty food products and bath products continue to be strong,” said juror Margot Perman of Real Design Associates in New York, New York. “I had the sense that in addition to established brands, many of these were small entrepreneurial companies where the client must have seen the value of good design. It was encouraging to see this.” When asked about any overall visual trends they saw, juror Stephen Turner of Turner & Associates in San Francisco, California, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, felt we are definitely in a post-modern age. “The best work juxtaposes two genres or takes a familiar idea and twists it in a surprising way. There was so much really fine work that demonstrated intelligence, wit and self-control,” he said.

"You cannot create a meaningful identity program or corporate book that is not fundamentally informed by strategic thought."
— Margot Perman
Meet the Jury
Neal Ashby
Ashby Design
Jonathan  Howells
Dinnick & Howells
Sally  Morrow
Sandstrom Design
Brandon  Murphy
Squires & Company
Minh  Nguyen
Margot   Perman
Real Design Associates
Gil  Shuler
Gil Shuler Graphic Design
Stephen Turner
Turner & Associates
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2006 Design Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 246 winning projects from 9286 entries.


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2006 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Fairbridge aims to change what young people, from disadvantaged areas of the United Kingdom, expect from life. A ... more

Adam Giles, designer Gareth Howat/David Kimpton/Jim Sutherland, creative directors hat-trick design (London, United Kingdom), design firm Jennie Butterworth, Fairbridge/Jennie Dimond, Fairbridge/Laura Trendall, Fairbridge, clients