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2007 Photography Annual

We saw a 5+% increase in entries to this year’s Photography Annual, a fact not lost on the jurors. “There were a lot of entries, many of which were great,” said juror Ian Barry. “Sifting through some 9,000 photos to find the ones that were CA great, was a daunting task.” “It was fascinating for me to see the condensed essence of a year’s worth of photography at one sitting,” said juror Holly Lindem. “Overall, the work was very impressive—and some was inspiring.” When asked about what was new, juror George Pitts said, “Nothing, but that wasn’t a problem. There was passion for image-making that more than sufficed.” “Many photographers seem to be rediscovering a classic photographic language that relies less on special techniques or elaborate postproduction than on the eye of the viewer behind the lens,” said juror Ellen Zaslow. “I was truly impressed by the quality of the photojournalistic entries. The humanity came through without sentimentality; people were not used as icons but remained people—which gave the images more reality, more impact.”

"Storytelling is back. Still images can have a larger-than-life impact that video can’t deliver."
— Ellen Zaslow
Meet the Jury
Ian  Barry
Fritz   Klaetke
Visual Dialogue
Ellen Zaslow
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2007 Photography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 174 winning projects from 8944 entries.


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2007 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Healing War's Wounds." "Higher Ground, NGO, is a program run by Sun Valley Adaptive Sports in Ketchum, Idaho, to ... more

Brent Stirton, photographer Beth Johnson/Michelle Molloy, photo editors Simon Barnett, director of photography Newsweek, client