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2008 Design Annual

As was expected in a tough economic climate, we saw a drop in entries to this year’s Design Annual. That’s not to say the 8,461 entries we received disappointed the jurors. “It was an incredible experience to survey the landscape of design today and imagine where the future will take us,” juror Joshua Chen said. “Winnowing the ‘really really great’ from the just ‘really great’ was challenging given the brief exposure we had to each piece,” added juror Art Lofgreen. “My mantra for judging: Is it a good idea, well executed and relevant to the audience?,” juror Graham Clifford said. “If the piece ticks all three boxes, then it’s in.” When asked what they saw this year, juror Pum Lefebure was succinct. “Texture is back. People are desensitized by the online world, so when they come across a well-designed printed piece, they respond to it.” “I thought the work for Coca-Cola was stellar,” said juror Bradford Lawton. “It was simple, clean, updated and modern in feel without losing the essence of the brand. Kudos to a giant client that really believes that ‘less is more,’ and doesn’t succumb to the notion that all blank space is meant to be filled.”

"Green hasn’t been a big focus during the last decade, but it’s back with a vengeance and here to stay."
— Sonia Greteman
Meet the Jury
Joshua C. Chen
Chen Design Associates
David  Drummond
Salamander Hill Design
Sonia Greteman
Greteman Group
Jeri  Heiden
SMOG Design
Bradford Lawton
The Bradford Lawton Design Group
Pum  Lefebure
Design Army
Art   Lofgreen
Catapult Strategic Design
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2008 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Aritzia is a fashion retailer for young women with a boutique attitude. Its marketing emphasis is less about ... more

Diti Katona/John Pylypczak, art directors Melatan Riden, designer Kanako Sasaki, photographer Concrete Design Communications, Inc. (Toronto, Canada), design firm Aritzia, client