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2010 Design Annual

Despite the current challenging environment, this year’s Design Annual jury found hopeful signs and quality work among the 4,564 submissions. “I was reassured that design is alive and well—meaning that the design was sharp, crisp, concise if not a bit sedate in many ways,” juror Robert C. Lee said. “Perhaps this is a reflection of the social and political climate?”

"I really loved the directions some of the integrated branding programs took," said juror Angela Mack. "I was most excited by the solutions that stayed true to the brand while switching up the deliverables enough to heighten interest."

"The motion graphics stood out among the designs entered," Lee added. "The creativity and energy put into the shorts provided a sense of adventure lacking in some of the print work."

Overall, optimism for the future was expressed. "The designer sits at the crossroads of two of the biggest revolutions in human history—the information explosion and technological innovation," juror Bill Thorburn said. "The designer's ability to make sense of these two worlds and turn them into brand experiences is the greatest asset we have as designers."

"Good design methodology and thinking will always be needed to help solve problems. The tools may change but the problem solving must continue."
— Wendy Pressley-Jacobs
Meet the Jury
Gary Beelik
Brian Collins
Eric Heiman
Volume, Inc.
Amanda Lawrence
White Dot
Robert C. Lee
Methane Studios
Angela Mack
YaM Brand
Wendy Pressley-Jacobs
Pressley Jacobs Design Partnership
Bill Thorburn
The Thorburn Group
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2010 Design Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 187 winning projects from 4564 entries.


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2010 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"The client created a skin care line that appealed to both men and women. The ingredients are pure and minimal so we ... more

Jennifer Sterling, art director/creative director Lillian Cohen/Lylyan Lee/Jennifer Sterling, designers Jennifer Sterling Design (San Francisco, CA), design firm Bare Skin Products Inc., client