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2010 Illustration Annual

We had 4,368 entries submitted to this year’s competition, a significant drop from last year, but not totally unexpected. In addition to the slow economy, we had to move the deadline date up two months to accommodate our new publishing schedule, which caught a few illustrators by surprise. Nonetheless, jurors were impressed with the quality and variety of submissions.

“It seems that portraits were the hot ticket, which was great to see,” said juror Mark Murphy. “There were many different styles, drawings and paintings.”

“There was a clear distinction between the artwork chosen and the ones that weren’t,” said juror Rob Wilson. “When a simple, well-executed piece with a strong, clear idea presented itself it was somewhat jarring. As ever, concept is king—or queen.”

“Illustration still has the power to communicate, inspire and, yes, sell, in a more innovative and effective way, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon,” said juror Joan Ferrell.

"Just as in years past, talent and drive will be the defining factors for a successful career in illustration."
— C.F. Payne
Meet the Jury
Melanie Doherty
Melanie Doherty Design
Joan Ferrell
ALM Media
Mark Murphy
Murphy Design
C.F. Payne
Rob Wilson
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2010 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 203 winning projects from 4368 entries.


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2010 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

For an article titled "Rebooting Taiwan." 9 x 6, digital.

Emiliano Ponzi, illustrator Paul Mumby, art director Time Asia, client