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2010 Photography Annual

We felt the full impact of the recession with a significant drop in entries to this year's Photography Annual. Still, 6,075 entries, totaling more than 13,000 images is a lot to judge in just two days.

"I was surprised by having to view images of corpses in Haiti preceded by a fashion spread and trying to stick to the task at hand—judging the merit of the photograph," juror Leslie Baldwin said.

Several jurors commented on the impact of rampant digital post-production. Juror Takaaki Matsumoto was quite philosophical: "In this judging process, I found myself questioning what is photography today? Is it the illustration of an idea based on an image that happened to be photographed or is it creating/manipulating a photographic image to archive one's vision?"

When asked about the future of commercial photography, advice ranged from short-term practical to long-term career direction. "I think if photographers are to survive, they must work in many arenas and cross-market their services," Muna said. "Gone are the days when people could specialize in one area of still photography.

"Original, authentically inspiring images that are emotionally accessible will continue to be the foundation for what informs us, makes us think and ultimately captivates us."
— Jane Perovich
Meet the Jury
Leslie Baldwin
Texas Monthly
Reed Collins
Leo Burnett
Takaaki Matsumoto
Matsumoto, Inc.
RJ Muna
RJ Muna Pictures
Jane Perovich
Getty Images
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2010 Photography Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 147 winning projects from 6075 entries.


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2010 Photography Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Portrait of Actor Alvin Epstein to promote The Bridge Project at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Used in ... more

Evan Kafka, photographer Rebecca Simnowitz, graphic designer Drew Hodges/Vinny Sainato, creative directors Melissa Barry/Mark Rheault, producers Spotco, ad agency Gillian Fallon, Brooklyn Academy of Music/Soo Pak, Brooklyn Academy of Music, clients