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2011 Advertising Annual

While the submissions to this year's annual are only slightly lower than last year, the makeup was quite different. We saw significant increases in online, integrated and non-traditional entries, and declines in the print and radio categories. The one area where print entries increased was public service.

"The best work, across all media, were the pro-bono projects," juror James Clunie said. "I saw a campaign for the ACLU that utilized the Google search bar in such an honest, frightening way."

When asked about current trends in advertising, juror Mike Caguin is seeing a lot of what he'd classify as PR events promoted through social channels. "Nothing is just one ad any more," he said. "Campaigns will only become more complex, interesting and difficult to judge."

"People like advertising if it's good and presented honestly," said juror Jim Haven. "The worst thing about all the innovation is that it expands the possibility of mediocrity and public distaste for invasive and uninspired messages."

"Brands can't keep trying to be all things to all people and because of that the work will inevitably become more interesting, not to mention more relevant," juror KT Thayer said.

"The consumer is at the center of advertising with more power than ever before," Juror Helen Pak said. "Connecting to the consumer with content and conversation are key, regardless of medium. Being memorable is increasingly difficult and our biggest challenge."

"Technology is getting faster, accessing information is instant and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. It makes for a challenging yet exciting time in advertising. "
— Helen Pak
Meet the Jury
Mike Caguin
James Clunie
BBDO New York
Jim Haven
Tina Johnson
The Richards Group
Helen Pak
Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada
Chuck Rachford
DDB Chicago
KT Thayer
Mark Wenneker
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