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2011 Design Annual

The entries submitted to this year's Design Annual represent only a slight drop from last year, but the type of entries we received reflect the changes occurring throughout our industry: There were declines in brochures and collateral, but increases in motion graphics and identity programs. And despite dire predictions, we actually saw a significant increase in book entries this year.

"There was a lot of work that was really inspiring; strong concepts, unexpected and beautifully executed," juror Yolanda Santosa said. "I came back to work absolutely rejuvenated."

Juror Allyson Lack was pleasantly surprised to find that intricate production techniques still have a place in our industry. "With the economy impacting the way clients spend design dollars, I was pleased to see some very beautiful embellishments in print and packaging," she said.

When asked about the future, several jurors echoed the same thought expressed by Santosa. "Designers have to constantly evolve and keep up with technology to stay relevant," she said. "I fear that the breakthroughs in our field are nowadays in the hands of interface designers, coders and engineers," Matteo Bologna added.

"The next generation of design superstars will have to be both intellectually nimble and much more willing to know all about the many facets of our industry," Lack said.

"Digital, mobile and social are all important channels, but will only be successful when done in conjunction with strong overall branding."
— Tim Larsen
Meet the Jury
Matteo Bologna
Mucca Design
Earl Gee
Gee + Chung Design
Allyson Lack
Tim Larsen
Yolanda Santosa
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2011 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

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Daniel Robitaille, art director Louis Gagnon, creative director Paprika (Montreal, Canada), design firm Domison, client