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2012 Advertising Annual

This year's annual continues the trend we've seen the past several years: Increases in digital and integrated campaigns and decreases in traditional print categories. "This year there was an avalanche of digital and non-traditional entries, meaning that as time passes the Annual will probably look different from what we're used to," said juror Mark Hunter.

"It's very apparent that advertising's creative community is becoming more and more adept at working in the digital realm," juror Dave Newbold said. "There were some really surprising uses of online and social venues."

"The digital space is exploding in lots of interesting ways, and it seems we've only scratched the surface of what's possible," said juror Steve Bassett. "One of the ideas was so engaging, consumers spent an average of over 30 minutes with the brand. That's a real win to me."

"I continue to be amazed by how much time some consumers are willing to spend with brand experiences," juror Ron Sack said. "Bravo to those brands that deliver high levels of non-stop engagement."

"Smaller budgets require smarter creative solutions."
— Lisa Greenberg
Meet the Jury
Steve Bassett
The Martin Agency
Lisa Greenberg
Leo Burnett Worldwide
Linda Honan
Mark Hunter
Deutsch LA
Ron W.  Sack
Bailey Lauerman
Margaret Johnson
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Dave  Newbold
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