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2012 Design Annual

While the entries submitted to this year's Design Annual represent a slight increase from last year, the makeup of the submissions continues to evolve. We saw decreased entries in editorial, books and company literature, but more in motion graphics, integrated branding programs and packaging.

"I was floored at the number of stellar packaging pieces," said juror Jeff Barfoot. "I think the annual is comprised of something like twenty percent packaging pieces-most of it liquor. I don't know if that's a sign of a good economy or a bad one!"

"It was wonderful to see that creative work is alive and still full of passion and hope," said juror Noreen Morioka. "Yes, there were some amazing standouts, but I was inspired that people felt so strongly about their work to share it."

Looking to the future, Barfoot said,"Designers or studios should strive to become better at generating actual content, not only visually but verbally. Designers are storytellers; we visually interpret, explain and organize content that makes it more interesting, palatable and exciting."

"Design should never be draped over a new technology, it should be woven into its very fabric."
— Jon Forss
Meet the Jury
Connie Birdsall
Jon Forss
Noreen Morioka
Dan Richards
Opolis Design
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2012 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

"Christ Community Church (CCC) is located in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. This logo illustrates, ... more

Mike Tackett, designer Tackett Studio (Arlington, TX), design firm Christ Community Church, client