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2013 Advertising Annual

Of the 4,356 entries we received this year, the number of social media and online video submissions grew 50 percent thanks to a reconfiguration of the digital advertising categories that better reflects today’s media landscape. Despite the increasing use of digital media, the jury still found themselves drawn to the timeless fundamentals of good advertising.

“What I noticed with this body of work is a renewed effort for good old-fashioned crafting and storytelling,” said juror Mark Taylor.

“I saw a lot of strong visual design and communication that I am glad CA celebrates,” juror Dan Fietsam said. “I’ve always held CA up as the guardian of beautiful, simple, powerful, visual-led design.”

“There is a lot of focus on trying new things,” juror Denise Rossetto said. “Some feel complicated with technology for technology’s sake, forgetting about relevancy and insights. Then you see something that gets it all right and it is magic.”

"In a show like CA, we honor the great stuff, that has the chance of making culture a little more pretty, a little more interesting or thought provoking."
— John Matejczyk
Meet the Jury
Dan  Fietsam
Energy BBDO
Pam Fujimoto
Jim Hagar
Hill Holliday
John Matejczyk
Denise Rossetto
DDB Toronto
Mark  Taylor
Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Xanthe  Wells
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