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2013 Design Annual

We received 4,198 entries to this year’s Design Annual, a slight drop from last year. While the majority of the decline was in traditional print categories including brochures and business papers, entries in packaging, environmental graphics and integrated branding programs increased.

“I was astonished by the amount of graphic design being produced,” juror Claire Dawson said. “The integrated branding programs, packaging and environmental categories were most inspiring. It was amazing to see brands extended across so many elements. Several of the pieces found very smart ways to engage with audiences while working within limited budgets.”

“Two projects that really stuck out both used paper in an innovative way that I have never seen done before,” juror Liz Burnett said.

“Experiential design (in environmental and public service) really stood out,” juror Jake Lefebure said. “People have to interact to be satisfied today—reading, or even just looking, does not cut it.”

"I enjoyed seeing graphic design bleeding into video, and vice versa. The moving image is the art of our generation and design should harness that."
— Richard Colbourne
Meet the Jury
Liz Burnett
The Matchbox Studio
Claire Dawson
Underline Studio
Jake Lefebure
Design Army
Joel Templin
Hatch Design
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2013 Design Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

“This year’s Shiner spring seasonal revives the old-world farmhouse-style ale. The FM 966 name comes from the ... more

Jose Canales, designer David Kampa, design director James Mikus, executive creative director Kevin Dunleavy, writer McGarrah Jessee (Austin, TX), ad agency Spoetzl Brewery, client