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2014 Illustration Annual

The number of submissions we received for this year’s Illustration Annual—4,362—was slightly lower than the previous year. We registered gains most notably in the Animation, Institutional and Books categories, and the greatest declines were in Unpublished, followed by Editorial. While no competition can include every piece of illustration produced in the last year, the jury was generally pleased with the variety of submissions.

“From digital, to pen-and-ink, to collage, to oil-on-canvas—there was a pleasant variety of numerous styles and techniques,” said juror Craig Mikes. “Surprisingly, there was less digital work than I was expecting. I thought the influx of digital drawing pads, pressure-sensitive pens and an array of applications would have a bigger impact on the work. The artists’ hands are still proving to be the best tools with which to create.”

“The hand-drawn, straightforward illustration style continues to be favored over heavily manipulated digital art,” juror Jill Shimabukuro said. “Many of the illustrations were conceptually strong, witty and subtle.”

“It was refreshing to see so much international illustration work submitted and most, if not all of it, was new to me,” juror Aviva Michaelov said. “Since I come from an editorial background, most advertising illustration was new to me as well.”

"The winning work I witnessed not only used artful skill but great concepts as well to solve strategic challenges."
— Craig Mikes
Meet the Jury
Aviva Michaelov
New York Times
Craig Mikes
Proof Advertising
Jill Shimabukuro
University of Chicago Press
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith Illustration
Janine Vangool
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2014 Illustration Annual

This year our distinguished panel of jurors selected 168 winning projects from 4362 entries.


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2014 Illustration Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Three Portraits. A triptych of retro-romantic graphic portraits printed as huge banners for a San Francisco business ... more

Michael Schwab, Michael Schwab Studio, illustrator/designer