The Business of Creativity Book Reviews

The Business of Creativity

By Keith Granet
224 pages, hardbound, $40
Published by Princeton Architectural Press

Undoubtedly, there are creatives who enjoy handling the financial, negotiating and marketing sides of their businesses. But for the majority who don’t, The Business of Creativity offers advice: hire a professional—even if it’s on the smallest scale—if these important tasks aren’t one of your strengths.

After analyzing why creatives often have trouble negotiating and asserting their value, author Keith Granet takes them on a step-by-step journey, outlining key business skills that must be covered to maximize their creativity. He details how to find the right people as soon as possible and how to start building teams that will help everyone succeed. 

Written in clear, persuasive instructions, Granet shares the wisdom gained from his 25 years of consulting with design businesses through his firm, Granet & Associates. He augments the text with lists, charts and graphs that clarify a broad range of topics, from troubleshooting financial challenges to executing Instagram strategies. Although the process requires introspection on the part of designers to establish their motivations and purpose, their answers are crucial to determining how they will communicate their distinct value to clients and how they will proceed with their team. 

Clear communication is key, a message Granet underscores when he shares the solutions that worked for his own clients. Their experiences support his encouragement that we are “not alone.” If The Business of Creativity has one theme, it is that all design is a collaborative effort. The book is a valuable resource for practices that will appeal both to new businesses determined to get it right and to established businesses that know they can do better. —Ruth Hagopian


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