Think Wrong Book Reviews

Think Wrong

By John Bielenberg, Mike Burn and Greg Galle, with Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson
252 pages, softcover, $35
Published by Instigator Press

If you’re frustrated by the lack of fresh ideas and innovation at work, you’re not alone. Think Wrong begins with a typographic “Thwack!” and fights for all the creative plans and breakthroughs that were smacked down before they ever had a chance. Authors John Bielenberg, Mike Burn and Greg Galle, along with Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, know that the craziest ideas often lead to results with the most impact. And by leading readers through techniques, tools and drills, they help get those impactful solutions into the world. 

Think Wrong showcases a variety of projects that all successfully turned a vision into a reality. Innovators are encouraged to be bold and think like artists or scientists and to strengthen their process to make it greater. It worked for David Batstone, whose nonprofit organization Not for Sale helps protect people from human trafficking. By thinking wrongly, he created a healthy beverage with a village in the Peruvian Amazon, improving the economy of seven communities vulnerable to exploitation.

Organized as a strategic guide, the book advocates for deep questioning and deeper listening to discover the true nature of any challenge. The authors’ directive is to dream beyond the safety of “right” thinking and its status quo solutions. With the crisp legibility and layout of classic Swiss design, Think Wrong engages readers with a compact framework of actions and the conversational tone of a mentor who wants to help you find a better way. It’s an ambitious pursuit, but as the book asks, “What’s worthy of your life’s work?” —Ruth Hagopian


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