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A Postcard From is an online magazine by photographer Gemma Booth that documents models relaxing or practicing their ... more

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New Faces in American Type Design

Jackson Cavanaugh, Tal Leming, Jesse Ragan and Laura Worthington put their best faces forward.

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Swedish Digital

No country’s designers win more snazzy awards except for the ... more

The 17th Annual Colorado Poster Exhibition

Poetic, graphic advertisements for some of the world’s most ... more

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2014 Advertising Annual : FEATURED PROJECT

Adam Prewozniak, art director Jim Bernardin, writer Brandan Jenkins/Regan Kline/Jason Tisser, associate creative directors Sarah Block, creative director Charley Wickman, executive creative director Susan Credle, chief creative officer Phillip Toledano, photographer Warren Ciabattoni/Jaime McGill/Angela Whitby, planners Donna Variachak, senior producer David Moore/Veronica Puc, executive producers Leo Burnett Chicago (Chicago, IL), ad agency Allstate, client