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Cuba si! Relatively isolated from American influences (though concurrently embracing world culture), modern Cuban graphic design has developed unique characteristics.


Branding the Games Italian Unlike a corporate identity that unfolds over a number of years, successfully branding the Olympics is a sprint that peaks during the event.


The 63rd Obie Awards The 2005 judges reviewed close to 1,300 images and awarded a Best of Show, 14 OBIEs in individual categories, 28 Merit and 74 Finalist certificates.


The 14th International Poster Exhibit Every two years, for six weeks, Fort Collins is host to some of the world’s most powerful graphic images and creative expression.


The Otaku Design Generation A super-flat style typifies a generation’s graphic output with characters and animation that have a distinctive made-in-Japan aesthetic.


Green Design Laden with responsibility, understanding the concept of "green" is the first step in creating sustainable design.


The 8th International Biennial in Mexico The largest international poster exhibition of its kind featured 300 posters from 145 graphic designers in 35 countries.


Society for News Design Judging for the SND's international competition took place over 7 days, resulting in 956 winners from 32 countries, selected from 13,618 entries.


Design for the Public Good What was considered a niche, design for the public good has permeated the design community, from established professionals to newcomers.


The Dawn of Graphic Design in China Along with the social, industrial and economic boom taking place in China, graphic design is emerging as an exciting, new profession.


Visiting the Virtual Museum Savvy curators and designers are using new media to extend and enhance the museum experience.


The 13th Colorado Poster Exhibition Every two years, Colorado State hosts the International Invitational Poster Exhibition, the only one of its kind in the U.S.