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55 graphic riddles in Lego bricks

Posters, Consumer

To mark the 55th anniversary of the LEGO brick this past January, Montreal ad agency Brad launched a large-scale poster campaign in the city’s streets. Built on the “Imagine” theme and with the help of Publicité Sauvage, the campaign referenced movies, songs, bands, and childen’s stories with visuals using a juxtaposition of LEGO bricks. Aimed at everyone who grew up with the LEGO toys, each of the 55 executions presents a visual riddle inviting people to come up with the answer (which was sometimes obvious, sometimes not).

Carle Coppens/Julien de Preux (with contributions by: Pascal Gagnon, Laurie Illan, Fabien Laborie, Pascal Tremblay, Stéphanie Heendrickxen, Gabrielle Régimbal, and Fred Girard, concept; Carle Coppens, creative director; Julien de Preux, art director; Fabien Laborie, web art director; Tien-Dat Nguyen/Martin Dumas/Hang Tan Tang/Stéphanie Heendrickxen/Cristine Berthiaume, designers; Nathalie De Angelis, print production.