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Livraria Cultura Empório Collection packaging

Packaging, Consumer

São Paulo-based design consultancy Casa Rex developed the visual identity for a range of nineteen products (consisting of accessories, kitchen items and stationery articles) for Livraria Cultura, the largest bookstore in Brazil. Inspired by the gastronomic universe, it’s a striking range with a concept not defined simply by patterns but by ultra-abstract versions of the diagrams used to depict everyday food and beverages. At first sight they appear to be standard graphic designs, but upon closer inspection, their true meaning is revealed.

Camile Leão/Ana Lobo/Marianne Meni, designers; Samia Jacintho/Gustavo Piqueira, design directors; Gustavo Piqueira, creative director.

www.casarex.comwww.livrariacultur ...