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Duvic's "Drink Responsibly" print campaign

Print Ads, Consumer

Drinking establishments are under pressure to deliver "drink responsibly" messages to consumers as part of their communications strategy. JWT New York created this series to run in New Orleans newspapers, as outdoor postings and to be printed on coasters and postcards for this popular Baton Rouge bar. To target young professionals, who like to go out but don't want to be preached to about drinking responsibly, the goal was to create a campaign that was fun and would get talked about. In keeping with Duvic’s reputation as a fun and entertaining brand, it engages the audience at that crucial time when they're thinking about having another drink.

Blaise Cepis/Jacqueline Mellow/Timothy Hancock/Andrew Clarke, art directors; Julie Rutigliano/Claire Morrissey, writers; Andrew Clarke, executive creative director; Ty Montague, co-president/chief creative officer; Ben O’Brien, illustrator.