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Activate Learning brand identity

Identity, Education

The Oxford & Cherwell Valley College Group has a brand new name: Activate Learning. It’s a simple, streamlined identity that unites and coordinates a complex structure of college campuses and organizational entities. The educational group brings together secondary, continuing and higher education, workforce training, consultancy and social enterprise, and this broad reach made it difficult for the group to articulate its progressive vision for education. London-based design firm Purpose created a single brand family to unify the various institutions by their shared goals and values. “Activate Learning” expresses this common ground: the ability to engage, inspire and empower students. The logo, based on the letter A, is symbolically aspirational and confident. A vibrant library of dynamic geometric patterns combines with powerful, evocative language to give all promotional materials a strong, coordinated look and feel.

Alex Woolley, senior designer; Nevs Hamling, design director; Rob Howsam, creative director; Louisa Phillips, project director; Purpose (London, United Kingdom), design firm; Activate Learning, client.