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Agricola restaurant identity

Identity, Entertainment

To develop the brand for Agricola, restauranteur Jim Nawn’s farm-to-table restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, Mucca began by defining Agricola’s unique assets: it has a 200-seat location, it works with a community of local growers and it’s just a fifteen-minute drive away from its sister farm. From this foundation, Mucca designed Agricola’s dining concept, visual identity, interior look and website to brand the restaurant as a community eatery where authenticity is celebrated. The visual elements are both sophisticated and down-to-earth, and are flexible enough to change with the seasons. Mucca collaborated with Seed Design on the interiors, creating a welcoming atmosphere with touches of farm-inspired décor. To bring this sense of craft and customization to the web, Mucca created a website with small, bespoke touches and a custom-built CMS.

Erica Heitman-Ford, art director; Hana Nakamura, senior designer; Matteo Bologna, creative director; Courtney Heffernan, interactive designer; Andrew Cagan, project manager; Roberta Ronsivalle, strategy; Mucca (New York, NY), design firm; Agricola, client.