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Airbnb installation

Illustration, Business

Airbnb recently moved into some spectacular new offices in San Francisco. One of the highlights is a permanent 60-foot wall installation by designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman. It’s the product of an unusually intensive conceptualization and design process. Airbnb approached Goodman with the goal of illustrating the team’s experiences together, but beyond that, the project was completely open. Nearly two months of planning preceded the actual creation of the artwork. First came the decision to build the installation from the plywood used in the building’s construction, cut into 115 pieces of varying shapes and sizes, painted and illustrated by hand. But what to draw?

To decide, the Airbnb team wrote down hundreds of “moments;” unique memories that represent experiences they’ve shared together. Goodman used the text to generate illustration ideas, and went back and forth with the staff until every drawing was vetted and approved. The final product of all this work is a wall of discovery, which makes a big impact when viewed as a whole, and when explored in detail, holds memories that are unique and meaningful to the entire staff.

Timothy Goodman (New York, NY), art director/illustrator/design firm; Alexandra Anderson, creative director; Ashley Fundora, contributing artist; Lindsey Linger, project manager; Kevin Earl Taylor, curator; Airbnb, client.