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Al Jazeera America identity

Motion Graphics, Entertainment

Al Jazeera is a well-known presence in the world of news, but with the debut of its new American network, the Qatar-based media company sought to re-introduce itself to audiences in the United States. Strategic design agency Trollbäck+Company created a comprehensive brand identity for Al Jazeera America, which broadcasts more than fourteen hours a day of domestic and international news. Trollbäck+Company’s task was to make sure the network speaks with an American voice that resonates with an incredibly diverse national audience. The agency created a distinct new face for Al Jazeera America that is based on the idea of enlightenment, with animated logotypes, main IDs, interstitial IDs and openers for news, business, sports and weather coverage that capture concepts of energy and illumination. The main IDs follow dynamic streaks of light racing through American cities and towns before forming the logo, while the interstitial IDs take a wider view of the vast landscape, positioning Al Jazeera America at the center of it. For the latter, Trollbäck+Company took 360-degree panoramic shots and stitched them together to form a seamless world, then re-filmed the scenes using a custom lens created in Maya. Screen architecture is created from bold statements presented in a clean, modern style to reinforce Al Jazeera’s commitment to clear and to-the-point reporting.

Peter Alfano, art director; Patrick Bedeau/Elliott Chaffer/Anna Minkkinen/Jakob Trollbäck, creative directors; Peter Alfano/Seon Crawford/Scott Hubbard/Koda Ko/Ed Manning/Anna Minkkinen/Christina Rüegg Grässli/Rachel Yoo Digerness/Justin Zurrow, designers; Peter Alfano/Ian Brauner/Seon Crawford/Animesh Dwivedi/Chris Foster/Scott Hubbard/Ed Manning/Justin Zurrow, animators; Caroline Kallback/Hedia Maron, editors; John Luker/Walter Werzowa, music composers; MusikVergnuegen, music company; Walter Werzowa, sound designer; Austin Hagen, sound engineer; Gabe Moffat, audio mixer; Ross Henderson, producer; Dina Chang/Susan Yee Hubbard, agency producers; Mariane Hwang, music producer; Elyse Roth/Tim Thompson, executive agency producers; Trollbäck+Company (New York, NY), ad agency; Al Jazeera America, client.