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All Good Organics label design

Packaging, Consumer

All Good Organics created flavorsome fruit juices to blow away conventional expectations of organic drinks. Then, the company challenged its designers to create bottles that would be their visual equivalent: optical and gustatory flavor bombs. The contours of the bottle describe a transition from the shape of fruit, like lemons and oranges, to the neck of a traditional bottle. The form appears to be a continuous teardrop curve, even though it accommodates straight lines necessary to apply the label. Through the clear glass bottle, the hues of red and white grapefruit, black current, blood orange and lemon are as intense as the flavors themselves. All Good Organics enlisted the help of typographer Luke Lucas to take a craftsman's approach and apply it to the technically demanding constraints of a bottle with little room for a label. Lucas took inspiration from the late Herb Lubalin's use of ligatures and organic typographic forms to create something original, minimal and juicy.

Andy Jacobs/Luke Lucas, designers; Simon Coley (Auckland, New Zealand), creative director; All Good Organics, client.