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Alo Audio Ads

Print Ads, Consumer

Alo Audio creates high-fidelity audio equipment for the digital age. Cultivator's campaign promotes The National, Alo's entry-level portable headphone amplifier. Simply put, this product makes audio from your portable music player sound superior through your headphones. The rich black & white vintage look represents the retro-quality sound you can get through modern electronics. The headlines were crafted to be approachable to a consumer who may not be familiar with this type of audiophile product. Ads are running in United Airlines' in-flight magazine, Hemispheres.

Chris Beatty, art director; Tim Abare, writer; Tim Abare/Chris Beatty, creative directors; Dennis Lane, photographer; mando-matic, retoucher; Matt Neren, project manager; Cultivator (Denver, CO), ad agency; Alo Audio, client.