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Amola Salt packaging

Packaging, Consumer

Sea to Sky Seasonings had a popular salt collection, but the brand and packaging system didn’t adequately value the premium quality of the product. To rename and reposition the line, Canadian design studio arithmetic creative began with extensive research into the rich history of salt and salt trading. Telling this story became the focus of a completely overhauled design aesthetic and demanded a type-based solution. The name AMOLA is derived from “amoleh,” the old word for bars of salt that were used as currency up until the twentieth century and were so valuable they were known as “white gold.” Geared Slab was chosen as the primary typeface because of its industrial characteristics and mechanical curvatures, which evoke the era when salt was imported into old shipping towns. An upper-case font and a strong black-and-white color scheme create a masculine look, while the delicate border trim adds just the right amount of femininity to a package that blurs the line between necessity and luxury.

Margherita Porrà, designer; arithmetic creative (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), design firm; Eric Pateman, Sea to Sky Seasonings, client.

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