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Angie’s Artisan Treats

Packaging, Consumer

Angie’s is a great tasting kettle corn made of all natural ingredients. With low awareness and increasing competition, Angie’s needed packaging to help differentiate the brand and entice new consumers to try them. Armed with the brand's tagline, “delightfully different” mono created packaging that captured the essence of the brand and conveyed how great the product is. Leveraging a convention-breaking palette and style, mono created a packaging system that broke through the increasingly crowded snack aisle.

Unique flavor profiles like “Sweet & Spicy,” paired with popcorn patterns dancing out of iconic popcorn bowls? Yes, please. Like the bag says at the opening, “Brace yourself, it's pretty good.”

Sam Soulek, soulseven, designer; Heather Sullard, mono, writer; Travis Olson, mono, creative director; soulseven, design firm; mono (Minneapolis, MN), ad agency; Angie's Artisan Treats, client.