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The Art Institutes TV spot

TV/Radio Commercials, Self-Promotion

Los Angeles-based Green Dot Films and MINIVEGAS bring creativity, passion and talent to life in a series of TV spots for David&Goliath client The Art Institutes. “Fashion,” one in a series of three 30-second spots, features a mannequin springing to life because she’s wearing a dress designed by Art Institutes graduate Gustavo Cadile. The spot closes with a voiceover that declares, “Bring your ideas to life in fashion. With an Art Institutes education, imagine what you can create.”

Tim Delger, David&Goliath, senior art director; JC Abbruzzi, David&Goliath, senior writer; Ben Purcell, David&Goliath/Steve Yee, David&Goliath, creative directors; David Angelo, David&Goliath, chief creative officer; Luc Schurgers, Green Dot Films, director; Igor Jadue-Lillo, Green Dot Films, director of photography; Tonya Nelson, David&Goliath, producer; Joe Mandarino, Green Dot Films, line producer; Jonathan Carpio, Spinach, assistant producer; Darren Foldes, Green Dot Films/Rich Pring, Green Dot Films, executive producers; MiniVegas/Glassworks, animation/VFX; Kelly McClean, Spinach, editor.